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SEO Techniques that should not be missed by any Online Business Owner

by admin | in SEO

Smart implementation of SEO techniques can increase websites’ visitors, search traffic as well as the overall conversion rate. Unfortunately, more often than not business owners fail to understand its fundamental and as a result they miss certain significant elements. Therefore, it is important to adopt a desirable SEO approach to achieve maximum gains.

Here are a few actionable SEO techniques that should be implemented by all online business owners:

  • Keywords Research – Of course, it is the most fundamental element for any website and should not be ignored. Business owners should spend a lot of time and efforts in researching the right keywords. It requires skills, knowledge as well as an analytical mind to pick the best keywords for each campaign. (Use the Google keyword  planner tool)
  • Content creation – Don’t write just for the sake of writing. Business owners should analyse and research the finest tools/resources to obtain the industry insights to develop the most effective, readable and actionable content. (Use Buzzsumo to analyse content)
  • Write attractive headings – Whether it is a piece of web content, an article, a blog or a press release, always write compelling and keyword rich headings. This will improve the overall engagement as well as lower the bounce rate of your website.
  • Focus on user generated content – User generated content can make your website much more authentic, relevant, attractive and valuable. This will help you to achieve an edge over your competitors on the web.
  • Email your subscribers – Once you publish a post, immediately email your subscribers with this news to update them and improve their overall understanding.
  • Promote your content on Social Media – Whether it is a blog post, article, press release, video or any presentation, never fail to promote this on the top social media sites. This is the best way to achieve extensive organic traffic.
  • Join LinkedIn – LinkedIn is a must for all businesses. It is a true game changer and a powerful platform for companies to make new connection and build their brand.
  • Use Google+ – Google+ delivers measurable output and can transform your online business efficiently. This will significantly improve your website’s popularity.
  • Achieve more inbound links – Create beautiful infographics, case studies, brand related stories, useful articles and presentations to achieve inbound links for your website. This will improve the trustworthiness of your brand or a website.   
  • Use Quora – This is one of the most innovative and creative platforms to connect with your customers. All you need to do is to answer the questions and help your customers. This is the finest way to build your brand on the web. (Quora is a well-known question and answer site)

All these SEO techniques are helpful for both rookie as well as seasoned SEO professionals who want to achieve scalable results.

Quick tips:

  • Always make keyword rich title and description tags.
  • Use Google’s Search Console to find your exact keyword rankings.
  • Try to embed long tail keywords in your title tags.
  • Use keyword rich anchor text across your website.
  • Always use the Keyword Planner tool to get the closest variations of your keywords.

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