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Social Media Challenges

Social Media Challenges

by admin | in SEO

Social Media has significantly shifted the global paradigm, dissolved the boundaries of communication and allowed people to communicate in a seamless way. No wonder, marketers devise social media strategies to get the most out of it; however, they often face several challenges.

Here are a few common issues and challenges that marketers face:

Involve employees

One of the best ways to market your business is to encourage your employees to promote your business. All you need to do is to ask them to share informative content across all the social media channels.

Define your social media goals

Set realistic goals before starting your marketing efforts. It will help you to achieve and measure pre-defined targets.

Choosing the right social media platform

Most people choose a social media platform without carrying out a comprehensive research; they follow a certain platform because their competitors are using it. In the long run it may prove counter productive.

Hence, research and analyse before choosing  the right platform for your website.


Of course, consistent tracking and monitoring is difficult and time-consuming; however, it has its own advantages. Consistent monitoring will help you to re-define your marketing strategy and measure its overall effectiveness.

Lack of content

Some marketers fails to create inspiring content (textual and visual), which hampers their growth. Hence, it is important to invest time and money in creating and distributing high-quality and business-specific content.


Due to time constraints, sometimes, marketers fail to respond immediately to their customers, which is a big mistake. Therefore, respond to your customers timely. (According to a study, 90% of social media users communicate with businesses through social media.)

Be careful

It is a fact that customers leave bad comments, aggressive questions, and harsh complaints; so, without losing control, respond them politely.

Visual content

Some marketers post textual content only, which attracts less number of people. That is why, it is always good to promote visual elements (such as infographics, images and videos) to gain attention. (According to study, People only retain about 10% of what they read. But, they retain about 65% of what they see.)

Monitor your competitors

Monitor and study your competitors. It will give you a wealth of insights into their social media marketing strategy and game plans.

Develop a powerful social media strategy 

Whether you are a rookie or a seasoned social media expert, you should always develop an effective and measurable social media marketing strategy that can give you an edge. But avoid over exposure.

So, grow your social significance by addressing the above mentioned challenges.

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