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Simple Techniques to achieve High Traffic and Conversions

by admin | in SEO

Worldwide online businesses strive to achieve high traffic and conversions; however, it is quite difficult to achieve. They use advanced marketing automation platforms, strategies and techniques; still failing to achieve the desired results. The reason could be anything from poor execution of marketing strategies to wrong selection of platforms.

To sustain in this fiercely competitive world; it is essential to plan an online marketing strategy keeping in mind audiences, rather than modern tools and techniques.

Here are a few techniques to improve traffic and conversions:

To achieve traffic, you should publish well-researched content. However, creating content is not everything; you need to promote it wisely on the most powerful platforms. For results, use “Medium” to publish your content. (Medium is a community of readers and writers, offering unique perspectives on ideas large and small.)

“Flipboard” is yet another effective content publishing platform for marketers. Upload all your articles and blogs here to improve the access.


  • Medium has 12.5 million unique visitors in a month.
  • Flipboard has over 90 million hits per month.

If you are still to use Twitter, use it now, because it is possibly the biggest social networking platform. Use it to create buzz.


  • Twitter is a perfect content sharing and curation platform.
  • Global marketers use Twitter for instant communication.
  • Twitter has 310 million active users per month.
  • 37% of Twitter users buy from a brand they follow.
  • According to Twitter, including photos in your Tweets can boost Retweets by 35%.

According to a study, tweeting every fifteen minutes instead of thirty led to the following:

  1. Increased traffic by 31%
  2. Engagement up by 89%


  • Tweet your blog posts, articles, industry news and more for greater leads.
  • Post images of your business or people enjoying your business.
  • Try to build relationship with people.
  • Share videos on your accounts such as Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.


Today, many marketers struggle to develop suitable content and often complain that their content loses its sheen overtime. Therefore, write evergreen content.

To make your content evergreen, you need to include facts, figures, statistical data and research studies. You also need to provide “user manuals”, “how to articles”, “guides”, “tutorials”, to your users. If possible, create videos, slide presentations, etc.


  • Evergreen content remains relevant for long.
  • Slideshare has more than 70 million users.
  • Case studies are a popular form of business article.
  • Use powerful automation and reporting tools for better control.

Managing multiple social networks is a difficult task; therefore, as a marketer, you should use top marketing automation tools to make your task easier. You should use HubSpot, Pardot, Marketo, etc. to drive more traffic.


Marketing automation tools help in:

  • Lead Management
  • Email Marketing
  • Building and maintaining Relationships
  • Customer Base Marketing
  • Mobile Marketing
  • Aligning marketing and sales activities.

All the above mentioned techniques can accelerate your traffic and conversions. So, adopt them and enjoy the flavour of success.

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