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Result-oriented E-Commerce Tips and Techniques to Gain Competitive Edge

Result-oriented E-Commerce Tips and Techniques to Gain Competitive Edge

by admin | in SEO

Creating an e-commerce website is easy; however, getting revenue from it is complex. Business owners create e-commerce websites to achieve success, but often fail to do so due to several reasons.

They often struggle to:

  • Develop a strong business foundation.
  • Promote their website in an organic manner.
  • Develop better relationships with users.
  • Devise the most agile marketing solutions (both online and offline.)
  • Execute specific digital marketing strategies to achieve better results.

Here are a few tips and techniques that can give you competitive edge:

Choose the most appropriate domain name and extension

You need to choose the most suitable domain name so that people can easily recognise your company.

In fact, choose the .com extension because it is easy to memorise. (52% of all websites are .com sites.)

Use Facebook

Facebook is useful for making relevant business connections  and improving business. Add “shop section” to your Facebook fan page to increase sales and brand’s popularity.

Fortunately, it is free and easy-to-add. (

Post everyday

If you want to engage the maximum number of people, you need to show your presence. So, share posts daily at every possible social sharing website.

This will increase your reach, extend your network and improve your product’s and brand’s popularity.


Create videos

To engage users, increase conversion rates, create short videos and upload them on your e-commerce websites.


  • Create tutorials, and explained videos to improve the understanding of your users.
  • Create a Youtube channel.
  • Share your videos on Facebook and other powerful social media sites.

Rely on email marketing

Email marketing is the most professional way to establish connection with customers. It is suitable for businesses of almost all sizes. All you need to do is to keep on sending newsletters containing information about  new products and offers to your customers.


  • Keep your email template simple and intuitive.
  • If possible, use high email marketing automation tools.

Google Analytics

Use Google Analytics to improve the overall performance of your e-commerce website. Use it to study/analyse every minute detail of your website right from customer behaviour to traffic sources


Keep your website updated

Always keep your website updated; remove products that are no longer in stock and remove that page from sitemaps. Provide complete product information.


  • Choose high-quality product images.
  • Provide security certificates and method of payment.
  • Show delivery and final cost.
  • Eliminate unnecessary checkout processes.

Besides that, try to improve the overall functionality (navigation, live chat feature, wish list, search box feature, categorisation of products, etc.) of your e-commerce website.

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