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Powerful Content Curation and Marketing Tools

Powerful Content Curation and Marketing Tools

by admin | in SEO

  • 76% of marketers share curated content on social media.
  • 79% of marketers use social media to find content for their curation strategy.
  • 80% of marketers share 3rd-party content to improve their company’s visibility.
  • 93% of B2B marketers use content marketing.

The point is content curation and marketing is the need of the hour.  There are many tools to curate content.

Here are a few content curation tools:


This is a powerful content curation platform that is focused on the social endorsement. You should use it to improve your content marketing efforts.

Key Features of Xydo:

  • Easy content sharing
  • Customised newsletter
  • Controls automation
  • Social sharing
  • Integration with other applications
  • Knowledge Base, phone support


This tool helps you to reach and engage social media audiences. It also helps you to enhance user’s engagement and reach targeted audiences while saving time.

Key Features of inboundli:

  • Multiple accounts management
  • Posts scheduling
  • Automated publishing
  • Social media integration
  • Multi-channel marketing and management
  • Analytics
  • Customer targeting

It helps to:

  • Share the most engaging content.
  • Schedule social content.
  • Empower sales team.
  • Research and reuse content.


This social media and content marketing application, makes it easier to curate content.


  • Uses sophisticated algorithms to recommend fresh stories.
  • Cuts Twitter, Facebook, and Linkedin management time by 90%.
  • Adds multiple social media accounts.
  • Increases your post’s visibility with smart hashtag recommendations.
  • Curate content as well as schedule posts.

“Before you share your content, think about it from reader’s perspective“.

SlideShare (It is the world’s largest community for sharing presentations.)

SlideShare is a popular content curation tool that allows you to present content in an impressive way.

Key Features of SlideShare:

  • Uploading and Downloading presentations.
  • Embedding presentations on blogs, websites.
  • Social sharing
  • Ideal for large, small and Mid Size Businesses.

Never share vague ideas or content“.


This is a famous social media analytics and curation tool. You should use it to share content and establish your leadership.

Key Features of BuzzSumo:

  • Content analysis reports
  • Comprehensive social network overview
  • Open API
  • Author tracking and notification
  • Personalised dashboard
  • Content discovery
  • Competitor analysis & comparisons
  • Advanced filtering
  • Content curation


  • Helps to discover trending topics.
  • Helps to create and publish content.
  • Assists in identifying the best platform.
  • Helps to keep track of your competitors.

Concise content is readable content“.


Curata is a robust content marketing platform that enables you to grow leads and revenue.  It helps to curate and publish content.

Key Features of Curata:

  • Plans and creates content with editorial calendar
  • Exports calendar to Google, Outlook and other applications
  • Conducts content audits on demand
  • Tracks new content ideas at one place
  • Analytics engine to measure content performance
  • Visualises trends
  • Mobile application for all devices
  • Curates content from anywhere across the Internet


Helps to:

  • Create and curate content.
  • Automate content marketing.
  • Share content.
  • Measure content performance.

In this way, you can easily improve and strengthen your overall content curation and marketing efforts. 

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