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Smart tips and techniques to create creative PowerPoint presentations

by admin | in SEO

PowerPoint presentations help businesses to represent their information in an interactive and compelling way. Businesses use them to convey their messages but, only few businesses are able to use them in a right way. Therefore, it is essential to create PowerPoint presentations in a systematic way to gain better exposure.

Here are a few tips and techniques to create creative PowerPoint presentations:

  • Create your own design – Don’t use ready made templates. Always create your own design according to your business objectives and industry theme. (Tip – Use your business’s theme and logo for the maximum impact.)
  • Colour combinations – Never use bold colours; use normal colours to make your slides unique and readable. (Tip – Use contrasting colours to gain an edge.)
  • Good fonts – Always use good fonts to improve readability of your slides. (Tip- You can use Helvetica font for good visibility of your messages.)
  • Text – Use as short text as possible on your slides. Avoid using lengthy paragraphs because it may distract your users. (Tip – Use bullet points to clarify your messages.)
  • Images – Images catch the attention of users, hence include images throughout your slides to grab attention. (Tip – Good images make your message more powerful and effective.)
  • Sequence – Make sure your slides are logically arranged to provide complete information of your products or services.
  • Include CTAs – Use CTA on every slide of your presentation so that your readers can take actions.
  • Infographics – Use infographs to represent your information in a practical way. Use factual and precise information in your infographs to make it more beautiful.
  • Study your competitors – Analyse your competitor’s presentation techniques.
  • Share wisely – Today, there are many PowerPoint presentation sharing platforms, you must use them wisely to get instant exposure and prominence.
  • Social media – Use top social media platforms to improve the visibility of your PowerPoint presentations.
  • Growth – Examine the growth of your business and adjust your presentation marketing strategies according to your objectives.

Follow these tips and techniques to create creative and visually attractive PowerPoint presentations to:

  • achieve your goals,
  • make your brand valuable

Quick facts:

  • SlideShare receives 500 percent more traffic from business owners than Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and LinkedIn.
  • 70 million professionals trust SlideShare.
  • PowerPoint presentations can contribute to a business’s growth and raise its visibility.
  • SlideShare is one of the top 100 most-visited websites in the world.

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