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Popular Resources to Improve the Quality of Your Content

by admin | in SEO

Content marketing is one of the best tools to influence people and create brand awareness. It helps you to build your brand’s story and disseminate your messages. Today, content marketers are extensively creating content, without focusing on its quality. There are several tools that can improve the quality of your content and help your cause.

Here a few resources that you can use to improve the quality of your content:

  • The Writer – If you want to improve the usability and readability of your content, you must use the readability checker tool offered by “The Writer”. This tool not only measures your content, but also gives you an instant feedback so that you can improve your content’s quality.
  • – This is the best and the funniest online tool to understand common errors, misspellings, use of apostrophe’s, semicolon’s, clauses and more. You can read their online posters to understand the proper usage of contractions, prepositions and more.
  • Comma Queen – Comma Queen’s video series is the best resource to understand punctuations, commas, nouns, pronouns, and their usages. Whether you’re writing a case study or an annual report, Comma Queen video series will help you a lot.
  • – Ellen Brock is the most popular novel editor. She offers useful insights to writing, editing, and proof reading. You can improve your writing skills by analysing her detailed blog posts.
  • – Here you will find synonyms and antonyms as well as other useful information.
  • Ceros Blog – You can learn and master the art of storytelling from this blog. This blogs has thousands of blogging and creative writing ideas.
  • Study writing rules – If you want to write in a professional manner, refer to the NYT blog ( This blog is helpful in understanding the hidden rules of writing (such as sentence formation, sentence structure, different writing styles, tricky verbs and punctuations) and editing.
  • TED playlists – You can listen to the TED talks to master any language and write in a compelling manner to attract new audiences. Whether you’re blogging or tweeting, this tool is quite useful.

Most creative and technical writers use these resources. However, if you are still not using these useful resources, you are missing a big opportunity. These useful resources will help you to influence your readers and establish your brand.

Quick tips:

  • Eliminate distractions.
  • Focus on things that really matters.
  • Always stick to your own style.
  • Use better techniques to edit effectively.

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