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Extraordinary Content Marketing Ideas for Business Growth

by admin | in SEO

Today, business owners use content marketing to combat various types of challenges and capitalise on new opportunities. However, they often fail to attain desired advantages. The reason could be anything, from poor content marketing strategy to its poor execution. However, it must be noted that content marketing alone can transform your business and improve it’s ROI. It can empower your overall marketing strategy and expand your reach in a strategic manner.

Here are a few ideas to make your content more effective and productive:

  • Use your content to guide your customers. Create engaging content that can solve the problems of your customers in an interactive manner. This will attract more traffic and improve the conversion rate.

  • Use social mediums to extend your reach. Most business owners neglect it; however, it can make a huge difference and attract the maximum number of customers. This will eventually boost up the productivity and visibility of your content.

  • Always write substantial and relevant posts with the maximum number of examples, case studies and explanations to help your customers. Substantial posts are useful and add value to your marketing efforts. This will also improve your visibility on the web and increase your traffic.

  • Never ignore the power of guest blogging. This is the best technique to show your knowledge of your industry. This also gives you a valuable backlink, which will improve your site’s backlink profile.

  • Always provide unique content to your customers to gain confidence and build your brand.

  • You can reframe your old content and create visually appealing presentations, videos and case studies to engage customers.

  • Always follow a content strategy and syndicate your content to gain the maximum results. This will attract new customers and at the same time improve their understanding.

  • Create evergreen, trendy and short headings, sub-headings, videos, infographics and email content for higher conversion rates. Always use beautiful images and CTAs to attract traffic.

  • Monitor your success by using Google Analytics. This will help you to streamline your content marketing strategy and create a powerful brand in your niche.

  • Always focus on your audiences rather than keywords. Focus on producing high quality content for your audiences so that they can take informed decisions.

Today, businesses cannot afford to ignore content marketing due to its ever growing prominence on the web. In fact, it helps them to focus on the right opportunities, align their marketing strategies and bring miraculous changes.

Quick facts:

  • 70% of marketers lack a consistent or integrated content strategy.

  • By 2017, 51% of companies will have an executive in their organisation who will be directly responsible for an overall content marketing strategy.

  • 63% of marketers create content according to buyers’ persona; 38% by vertical; 30% by geography; and 30% by account or customer.

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