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Joomlas Powerful and Effective Social Extensions

Joomla’s Powerful and Effective Social Extensions

by admin | in SEO

Joomla is a powerful, flexible, and open-source content management system (CMS) with various features and designs. Most of the developers choose it due to its powerful social extensions.

“Joomla has more than 7000 extensions”.

Here are a few powerful social extensions:

Fast Social Share

This is an effective social sharing plugin designed to display social share buttons, like Twitter, Facebook, Google, Pinterest, LinkedIn, etc. The best part is that it never affects your site’s speed and overall performance.

Fast Social Share also helps to embed buttons automatically.

“ has more than 2 TB of traffic per month”.

Social Stream extension

This is a great solution to blend all of your social interactions into a single network stream. It supports many social channels and makes you  identify social activities from a single view point.

It is time saving, flexible, and automatically updates itself.

“Joomla uses object-oriented-programming (OOP) methodology“.

EasySocial extension

This extension allows you to start your own social network on Joomla. It is fast and helps you to engage and interact with your audiences.

“Joomla is easy to use and install. You do not have to be an expert to set up Joomla”.


This extension is designed to help website visitors to share content and follow website through a variety of social networks. It has many configuration options and subscription rates are quite low.

“According to Alexa Traffic Rankings, 7% of total successful websites run on Joomla“.

Ampz Social Share buttons

This extension displays social sharing buttons on multiple positions on the website including WhatsApp. It is fast as well as compatible with all Joomla plugin/components.

“Joomla is best for creating e-commerce websites”.

JUX Facebook Events

This Joomla module combines all Facebook events on your fan page. You can manage all events without scrolling Facebook history, which saves your time and efforts.

JUX Facebook Events is easy to customise with impressive control and back-end feature.

Joomla Social Tabs

This robust extension combines 16 social network profiles. It helps you to get real-time updates from different social network without hassles.

Vote button

This is a popular plugin that shows social share or vote button. It contains almost all popular social networks or bookmark sites that support button/badge for vote.

All the above extensions are worth using. Use them to improve your website’s overall presence.

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