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Intuitive Tools to Increase Focus as well as Productivity

Intuitive Tools to Increase Focus as well as Productivity

by admin | in SEO

Due to continuous distractions (from both online and off line mediums), it becomes difficult to focus on work processes. In order to create and deliver innovative products and services, businesses need to ensure they have an aligned and distraction-free work flow. And to achieve these businesses need to use next-generation tools.

Here are a few tools to increase focus as well as productivity:


This is an intuitive and proven distraction blocker for your computer as well as mobile devices. This tool helps you to block specific websites and application from the dashboard.


  • Use it on your Mac, Windows, iPhone, iPad, etc.
  • It is easy-to-install and use.
  • Use it to manage distractions.
  • Use it to create endless lists of websites and apps that distract you.

Self-Control (For Mac users only)

This fast tool lets you create a specific set of blacklisted websites. Use it to create a set of white-listed sites.

“Self-Control is a profound, completely free and open-source”.


  • Use it to selectively avoid distracting sites.
  • Use it to improve productivity, work processes and urgent operations.

Focus Booster

This time-tracking tool helps you to record all your sessions and productivity. It empowers employees to maintain and enhance focus.

“Focus Booster is designed to promote mindfulness and high achievement”.


  • Use it to stay focused and fresh to do more in less time.
  • Use it to visualise your progress.
  • Use it to finish your work quickly and accurately.
  • Use it to maintain healthy work/life balance.

LeechBlock (Firefox)

Most Firefox users use it to block sites for a specific time period. This productivity (tool) extension is useful to set timers on blocked websites. This extension can be easily configured.

“LeechBlock ensures distraction-free work”.


  • Use it to block sites within fixed time periods.
  • Use it to track the total amount of time you have spent on a particular website.


This is an all-in-one distraction killing (time-management) tool. It blocks distracting websites and applications as well as notifications. It runs in the background of both your computer and mobile devices.

This tool also provides comprehensive reports so that you know exactly how you’ve spent your time during a day.


  • Use it to get weekly email summaries.
  • Use it to set and achieve goals.
  • Use it to analyse all your activities and get a productivity score.
  • Use it to understand your daily habits and improve your focus.
  • Use it to manage your time and activities.

So, if you want to fight with uncertain conditions and improve your business’s overall productivity, rely on these tools to ensure growth.

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