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Special Tools to Create Interactive Content for Business Promotion

by admin | in SEO

Businesses spend far too much money on their content marketing efforts; however, they often fail to achieve the desired results. One of the prime reasons is that they do not develop an interactive content strategy. Interactive content is the best way to educate, inform, entertain and engage audiences. It is a well known fact that interactive content has the ability to convert browsers into customers.

Here are a few established tools to create interactive content for business promotion:

  • Qzzr – Quizzes are the one of the most interactive methods and engages a large number of users on the web. To generate an online quiz, use Qzzr because it is a great and effective online quiz tool.  This tool also helps you to post a quiz anywhere on the web and measure results.
  • SnapApp – This is one of the most interactive content marketing platforms, which gives you everything you need to create, publish, manage and measure compelling audience experiences. This tool allows you to develop a great variety of content from calculators to surveys and even infographics. This tool is easy to use, fast and flexible as well.
  • PowToon – You can use PowToon to create animated, professional and interactive videos as well as presentations for your customers. Interactive videos are the best way to grab the attention of users. You can easily interact, explain, teach and engage your audiences through your videos.
  • SlideShare – SlideShare is a flexible and scalable platform that helps modern business owners. Businesses can share their presentations, infographics, documents or videos to inform and educate their customers.
  • ContentTools – This tool is very useful for online marketers. It is helpful in creating interactive content like quizzes, micro-sites, infographics, calculators, content to capture leads and engage audiences.
  • Piktochart – Piktochart is an easy and flexible infographic design application to produce beautiful and high quality graphics or infographics. It has the ability to take your visual communication to the next level. You can import your data, create statistics and use in built icons to create presentations or infographics.

You can easily grow your business’s popularity and achieve new heights by disseminating fresh and interactive content. All the above mentioned tools are easy to use, excellent and versatile. You can use them according to your business objectives and requirements. So, plan, create, optimise and publish interactive content to achieve quick and sustainable results. Embrace the power of these intuitive tools.

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