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Facebook celebrates its 10th year

by admin | in Facebook

Facebook is a world-wide phenomenon. It invented the term social media and gave literally millions of us something to do, while doing nothing. This week, Facebook celebrates its 10th Birthday so we thought we would take a quick look back to how it all started. If you are currently working on a brand new app, or a new website, take heart; Amazing things can happen on the internet!

Facebook is a project that started out in a lowly student’s bedroom. While all the sporty kids were out playing football and chasing girls, one clever, geeky guy started playing around on his PC and ended up changing how we use the internet.

Facebook truly is the most amazing internet success story of all time.

Over the last ten years the platform has attracting millions of users from all over the world. It has turned into a mainstay of everyday life and a way that people regularly communicate, share, and stay in touch.

There are millions of stories about how Facebook has been instrumental in forming relationships, building businesses, keeping families in touch, and more. We have even read accounts where FB was used to call for help, and where parents use FB messaging to attract a child’s attention when they won’t answer their phone!

Statistics published last week say Facebook reported record breaking revenues of 2.5 billion dollars. The site now has a staggering 750 million daily users. We have heard so many internet ‘gurus’ saying Facebook is on a downward trajectory, we think they are wrong.

Mark Zuckerberg, creator and founder of Facebook, was a psychology student at Harvard when he built ‘’ as it was originally called. He was a keen programmer and wanted to develop a way for students to find out about other students. From his room at Harvard, he built the site and in February 2004, he launched it. Within one month it started to expand to other colleges and universities around America, and then it took off at an amazing rate.

The rest, as they say, has become internet history…



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