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Exclusive Social Media Marketing Tools for Novice Business Owners

Exclusive Social Media Marketing Tools for Novice Business Owners

by admin | in SEO

  • Are you looking for new ways to enhance your social media marketing efforts?
  • Do you want time-saving tools to manage your social media marketing tasks?
  • Want to convert visitors into customers through social media?

Use the below mentioned tools:


  • There are 2.3 billion active social media users.
  • 91% of retail brands use 2 or more social media channels. is an exclusive Chrome extension that allows you to view the social websites of your email connections. Use it to see mutual connections on different social media channels.

This is a link shortener tool that helps to create customised call-to-action. Basically, this tool allows you to promote your content on social media platforms.


Use this amazing tool to pin and schedule Instagram photos to Pinterest boards. This tool also allows you to organise your Instagram photos.


  • Use it to improve your Instagram and Pinterest marketing efforts.
  • Use it to explore content, schedule posts, monitor conversations, etc.

Zoho SalesIQ

This website’s visitor tracking platform has been designed to connect and engage with your website visitors in real time. Use it to chat with your audiences in real time.


This tool lets you design as well as share images for social media posts. It is a fast, efficient and productive tool for social media managers. Use its free images, add text and resize them according to the platform.

Atomic Application

It is designed to reduce time, effort and costs. It helps content marketers to increase content engagement and its overall performance.


  • Use it to improve your content marketing efforts on social media.
  • Use it to improve the quality of content by making it free of error.

Leadin app

This is an intuitive platform that informs you about visitors. (who is visiting your site and what content they’re reading). This application/platform automatically locates the social networks of your readers.


This is a social marketing content aggregation platform with a CMS and mobile application. This platform helps to drive engagement as well as extend reach.


This is a great content discovery tool for social media marketers. Use it to discover top news as well as trending topics.

Post Planner

This tool integrates directly into Facebook. Basically, it makes Facebook scheduling posts easier.


Use it to manage all your social media marketing from a single dashboard. You can manage your social media profiles, schedule social media content and measure your return on investment.


  • Use it to increase brand awareness.
  • Use it to collaborate efficiently with teams.


If you believe in video marketing, Overvideo is for you. Overvideo helps you to create visual calls-to-action when you post videos on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.


  • Use it to give a link in the video.
  • Use it to amplify the reach of your video.
  • Access it to save time by uploading and scheduling as many posts as possible.

So, build your brand with these incredible social media marketing tools.

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