Excellent Business Tools for Success

Excellent Business Tools for Success

In today’s competitive business environment businesses need to manage their resources to streamline their operations and gain significant advantages. However, there are a few smart business tools to keep them ahead.

These tools help a business to:

  • Stay up-to-date
  • Find solutions to potential roadblocks
  • Simplify complex tasks
  • Ensure business continuity
  • Strengthen relations
  • Improve marketing strategy

Here are a few smart business tools:


This is a great conversion rate optimisation software solution with extraordinary features. It helps you to test multiple variations of a website and choose the best one.

Features of Zarget:

  • A/B testing via Google Chrome plugin
  • Live heatmaps for interactive elements
  • One-click website optimiser
  • Self-service visual editor
  • Split URL testing
  • Traffic and conversion tracking

Tableau Software

This is a remarkable self-service analytics application that allows you to explore data. This application uses a patented technology to translate mouse clicks into database queries and to show the results through graphic visualisations.

Features of Tableau Software:

  • Creates “no-code” data queries
  • Translates queries to visualisations
  • Toggle view and drag-and-drop
  • Imports all ranges and sizes of data
  • List of native data connectors
  • Creates interactive dashboards
  • Automatic updates
  • Highlights and filters data


This platform enables you to view and control all your Windows, Linux and Mac servers as well as workstations in real-time.

Features of Pulseway:

  • Monitors and Manages IT Systems
  • Application Monitoring and Management
  • Remote Desktop (Remote Access)
  • Active Directory
  • System Centre Operations Manager
  • Internet Information Services
  • Windows Server Backup


This SaaS alerting and incident tracking system helps engineers to resolve critical errors in IT systems. It can be integrated with all IT infrastructure monitoring tools — such as Splunk, New Relic, etc.

Features of PagerDuty:

  • Monitoring Aggregation
  • Easy Setup
  • Effective Alerting
  • Mobile Incident Management
  • On-Call Scheduling
  • Auto-Escalation
  • International Reach


This customer service and support management software is designed to streamline your workflows, automate business processes and much more.

Features of Tracker:

  • PhaseWare Self-Service Center
  • PhaseWare Event Engine
  • Tracker Mail Checker
  • Tracker Screen Designer
  • Flexible service delivery
  • Incident management


Workfront is enterprise work management software.

Features of Workfront:

  • Process improvement and management
  • Collaboration tools
  • Collaborative workspace
  • Help desk tracking
  • Timesheet management
  • Real time data and planning tools

It doesn’t matter if you’re a project manager with years of experience or a beginner. Use these advanced business tools for better return on investment (ROI).

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