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Conversion Rate Optimisation Improves Bottomline

Conversion Rate Optimisation Improves Bottomline

by admin | in SEO

Conversion rate optimisation is the need of the hour. Needless to say, it has become an important element for the survival of any e-commerce website.  It is a process, which focuses on optimising sponsored ads and landing pages as well as websites by using the time-tested design and other psychological elements.

In a nutshell, CRO or conversion rate optimisation is all about improving the efficiency of a website.

According to online experts, CRO is vital for businesses mainly for three reasons:

  1. Attracting traffic.
  2. Enhancing the value of a website.
  3. Meeting business objectives and improving revenues.

Fact: Conversion Rate Optimisation is the key to success.


However, it must be noted that there are still some marketers who do not believe in conversion rate optimisation because they think it’s a sheer waste of time, money and effort. In fact, they are wrong; the fact is e-commerce businesses can’t survive without it.



  • Only 44 percent of companies use split-testing while trying to optimise conversion rates.
  • According to Econsultancy, the use of testing among companies has increased from 27 percent to 38 percent.
  • According to EyeViewDigital, videos on landing pages can improve conversion rates by 80 percent.

Things to check before starting conversion rate optimisation:

  • Does your website have a simple website design?
  • Does your website have clean and clear call-to-action?
  • Is your content readable, informative and creative?
  • Does your website improve the shopping experience of users?
  • Does it have proper graphics?
  • Does your website match the standards of usability?
  •  Does your website have simple navigation?
  • Does your website have social proof?

If you think your website is not performing and conforming to the standard guidelines, you should adjust your website immediately.

For that you should focus on the following essential elements:

  • Relevance  – You should write relevant content as well as include effective images into your e-commerce website.
  • Usability – You should keep your navigation clean and simple.
  • Clarity – Write simple sentences so that they can convey your messages.
  • CTAs – Use CTAs wherever possible.
  • A/B testing – Always perform A/B testing to get clear picture of your site’s performance.


  • A/B testing helps to measure the effect of implemented changes.
  • According to Steelhouse, A/B testing is the most used testing method for improving conversion rates.
  • According to Steelhouse, using correct targeting and testing methods can increase conversion rates up to 300 percent.

Bonus conversion rate optimisation tips:

  • Always add social proof to your website.
  • Use product reviews and testimonials.
  • Keep your site’s navigation structure simple.
  • Make your website mobile friendly.
  • Use intuitive website designs.
  • Improve the page load speed of your site.
  • Start reward or loyalty programs.
  • Add relevant videos, images, and infographics to your site.

In a nutshell, conversion rate optimisation will not only help you to improve the overall revenue of your business, but also build its value and credibility in the market. So, focus on it to attain a unique position in your niche.

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