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Efficient Wordpress Plugins to Create Better Content

Efficient WordPress Plugins to Create Better Content

by admin | in SEO

Are you looking for the right set of WordPress plugins to create better content? If yes, utilise the following set of incredibly efficient WordPress plugins to create better content:

Editorial Calendar

Sometimes, it becomes quite difficult to remember past posts; that is why, it is important to use Editorial Calendar. It helps to see all of your posts. In fact, it also helps to drag and drop them to manage your blog posts.

Key Features of Editorial Calendar:

  • View all of your posts according to their posting dates.
  • Drag and drop functionality to change your post dates.
  • Quick management of your drafts.
  • Effective management of multiple authors.
  • Quick publication of posts.

Edit Flow

It helps you to collaborate with your editorial team. It can be easily customised.

Key Features of Edit Flow:

  • Keeps track of important details.
  • Keeps users organised.

Curation Suite

This is a well known content curation platform, which allows you to publish and curate content.

Key Features of Curation Suite:

  • Curates text, videos, images, and social embeds.
  • Discovers trending and share worthy content.
  • Social media sharing.
  • Fast Curation for quicker publishing.


This is yet another plugin that makes it easy to create, maintain, and engage readers with compelling list posts inside your WordPress site.

Key Features of Listly:

  •  Responsive and social.
  • Configures automatically based on device.
  • Adds voting to lists for better engagement.

YouTube Embed WordPress Plugin

As the name suggests, this smart plugin provides a wide variety of smart features for the YouTube embedded player, such as responsive videos, automatic controls, etc.

Key Features of YouTube Embed WordPress Plugin:

  • Improved ajax theme support.
  • iOS playback preferences.
  • Automatic localisation/internationalisation so you can set the player’s interface language.
  • Instant HTTPS support.
  • Playlist embedding support.


This plugin helps to insert different types of images and photos into your blog posts. It has the ability to search the huge Flickr database, as well as other image databases.

Features of ImageInject:

  • Searches thousands of creative commons photos.
  • Fast and easy.
  • Automatically adds the required attribution links next to the image.
  • Templates modification.
  • Search for many different keywords and finds the best match.

Opinion Stage

This robust plugin allows you to add a poll, quiz, survey, or form to your website for reader’s engagement. Use it to manage content from a single dashboard.


  • Generates revenue by integrating ads in the poll, survey, etc.
  • Sets details of the poll social shares.
  • Customises the poll feature to match your needs
  • Views and manages all your WordPress polls from one dashboard.


Use this editor to add multimedia content in few clicks, with no technical skills required.


  • Helps to embed audios and video, custom fonts, etc.
  • Unprecedented design support.
  • Works with any version of WordPress 3.5+.
  • Multiple language support.
  • Flexible, fast and efficient.


This plugin makes it easier to curate content for your WordPress site/blog. You can use it to choose articles and preview the full content in a readable format.

Key Features of MyCurator:

  • Customises the RSS, Twitter and Google Alert sources.
  • Content is filtered for your keywords as well as other parameters.
  • Chooses articles for curation.

Aesop Story Engine

This is an open-source tool to build interactive storytelling themes for WordPress.  Use it to create and manage endless story galleries.

Key Features of Aesop Story Engine:

  • Showcases a full screen video with support for YouTube, etc.
  • Displays a character avatar, title, etc.
  • Creates scroll-to points, maps, etc.

Whether you’re running a larger website or a smaller one, you will need these plugins to improve your site’s performance. So, use these innovative WordPress plugins to engage more readers.

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