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Amazing Writing Techniques to Boost Conversions

Amazing Writing Techniques to Boost Conversions

by admin | in SEO

Writing is more than an art. If you want to convey your messages as well as improve the overall conversion rate,  follow certain thumb rules.

Here are a few well tried techniques to get the most from your blog:

1. Style of writing

Always try to address the problem of users in an informal way. For that, adopt a friendly style/tone of writing.

Also focus on unique features of your products and services for better conversion rates.

2. Headings

Headings can make or break your first impression. Hence, use apt headings to compel your users.

3. Post consistently

If you want to improve your blog’s conversion rates, write consistently. In other words, update your blog regularly and maintain an editorial calendar.

4. Use images

Use images and infographics to make your text interactive, wherever possible. It will attract users as well as maintain their interest.

“Images improve the overall conversion rate of a website”.

5. Word count

According to some experts lengthy articles/blog posts can retain readers as well as search engines. However,  there is no thumb rule; all you need to do is to convey your messages. By the way, set your word limit according to the topic. (You can take advantage of Easy Word Count Tool.)

6. Formatting 

To improve readers’ engagement, you need to follow formatting standards. So, use paragraph breaks, line breaks, bullets and numbering. It will help your readers to read/scan the text easily.

Also highlight the important facts as well as keep sentences short and precise.

7. Grammar

Make sure your content is flawless before you upload it. Use grammar checker tools. They provide helpful tips.

8. Use a style guide 

If you are not using a style guide, use it now. Basically, style guides assist writers to write in a seamless manner.

9. Proofreading

Proofreading is an essential step. It makes your content flawless. Even a good topic can lose its importance if it contains misspelt words and grammatical mistakes.


One of the best ways of writing is to use third party quotes/facts/figures; it will not only support your content, but also make it more credible.

11. Benefits

Writing is all about explaining. So, present your products or services in totality to improve ROI.

14. Keywords

Use keywords across your content in a natural way to improve visibility, traffic and conversion rate. For better results, use both short and long-tail keywords.

15. Tell a story

Last, but not the least, if you want to engage readers and make them loyal, create a compelling story around your brand/products/services.

So, follow the above mentioned techniques to improve the overall conversion rate of your blog.

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