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Actionable Ways to Attract Customers

Actionable Ways to Attract Customers

by admin | in SEO

According to a report, there are over 966 million websites trying to attract customers. So, you can  imagine the kind of competition.

However, with the help of proven techniques you can increase a website’s traffic. Here are a few effective techniques:

Understand your visitors

Perform an audience analysis – analysis of their demographics, age, interest, expectations, etc. Use any of the web analytics tools; however, experts prefer Google analytics.

Understand – you are what you publish

Publish up-to-date and useful content. So, invest time and money to create helpful content. For better results, organise brainstorming sessions, focus on current trends, or keep a track of news.


  • Write evergreen content.
  • Address specific problems.

Get the industry experts

Collaborate with industry leaders. Seek their suggestion about your website/blog. It is the most effective way to attract readers and make them loyal and help you to reach to a larger audience.

Visuals are the Key

According to a study, people remember 80% of what they see. Hence, it is always better to use visual information. Hence, create high-quality infographics, videos and memes. For better results, use Canva, piktochart, powtoon, Camtasia, etc.


  • Use a winning combination of text and images.
  • Use high resolution graphics.

Pay attention to your website’s design

Most marketers overlook their websites’ design; however, it must be noted that it plays an important role in attracting customers.

You must use user-friendly designs, features as well as layout in order to improve the overall UX of your website.


  • Focus on the layout.
  • Use logos.
  • Simplify navigation.


Of course, you need to optimise every element of your website in order to gain substantial benefits. Proper optimisation will help your website to attract visitors.


  • Improve site’s speed.
  • Optimise images and content.

Notify Your Audience about Changes

Always notify your audiences about new features, articles or discount offers. You can collect personal data (email id) to send newsletters and let your visitors know about new elements on your website.

Remember, users always look for useful information, if you provide them what they are searching for; you will win their trust and enjoy incredible benefits.

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