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7 SEO Tools to Improve Growth & Accelerate Performance

7 SEO Tools to Improve Growth & Accelerate Performance

by admin | in SEO

Whether you want to boost your organic rankings or align your marketing task efficiently, you need to use advanced SEO tools. Advanced SEO tools help you to check backlinks, track keyword positions and improve your overall online marketing task.

Here are advanced SEO tools to use:

OutWit Hub

If you find it difficult to organise a site’s data, use OutWit Hub. It is designed to break down Web pages into their different constituents. It extracts information and other vital elements as well as organises them into usable collections. It saves time and is easy to use.

Schema creator tool

Schema Creator helps you to create markup according to your business goals. It also allows you to choose items of your choice and enter the data for the purpose.

Google Keyword Planner

It is a powerful keyword research tool that allows you to find the right keywords.  It also allows you to compare keyword trends and optimise your website.


It is a renowned SEO tool that combines all the best SEO tools to manage, organise, monitor as well as report SEO campaigns. It helps in link building, keyword research, web page analysis, keyword rank monitoring and much more.


It enables managers to manage location data across websites, mobile apps, internal systems, etc. It helps you to create location pages for your website.


It provides complete website data enabling users to improve their SEO, link building as well as content marketing strategies. It helps in finding and filtering backlinks, obtaining keyword rankings and analyse competitors’ backlinks.

Screaming Frog

Screaming Frog is an invaluable and comprehensive SEO tool in a marketer’s arsenal. It helps you to find broken links, and analyse page titles as well as descriptions. If you want, you can extract a report of duplicate URLs and generate XML Sitemaps.

Advantages of using SEO tools:

  • Helps to complete SEO tasks quickly and accurately.
  • Saves time and efforts.
  • Automates complex tasks.
  • Improves the performance of a website.
  • Helps to face difficult challenges.
  • Helps to solve critical SEO issues.
  • Provides great industry insights.
  • Helps to analyse competitors.
  • Assists to improve online marketing activities.

Most companies start with basic SEO tools to manage their marketing processes. However, they need something accurate and agile. Hence, it makes sense to use these advanced SEO tools to save time and money as well as improve visibility.

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