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7 Incredible Ways to Improve a Website’s Visibility

by admin | in SEO

Improving a website’s visibility requires time and a concrete strategy. To help you manage a successful online visibility, we have put together a few strategies:

Handle technical SEO 

It is difficult to handle technical SEO issues, but you need to carefully resolve all the technical SEO issues, if you want to improve your website’s visibility as well as performance.

Tips -

  • Improve page load speed.
  • Understand and resolve website-architecture-related issues.
  • Write SEO-friendly product descriptions.
  • Properly use H1 and H2 tags.
  • Optimise content.
  • Focus on image optimisation.
  • Carefully use hreflang tags.
  • Resolve Hreflang conflicts (58% multilingual websites have hreflang conflicts within a page source code – semrush)
  • Implement HTTPS.

Try new social networks

According to some business owners, they find it difficult to promote their products and services on the mainstream social networks; that is why, they should explore and use new social networks, such as:

  • Mastodon
  • Amazon Spark
  • Mottle
  • Airtime
  • FreshTeam
  • Workplace
  • Cabana

Use Instagram

It is a platform for sharing inspiring images. For businesses, it is an effective platform to convey a brand’s story as well as connect with consumers. However,  quick results depend on how you use certain Instagram tools, such as :

  • Layout
  • VSCO
  • Enlight
  • Boomerang
  • SocialRank

Content marketing

It is a great way to attract customers and improve the overall visibility of a website. All you need to do is to create and share informative and relevant content.

Tips -

  • Always follow a set of rules and standards.
  • Use a Spelling and Grammar Checker – Grammarly, Hemingway Editor, Ginger.
  • Detect and correct duplicate content.
  • Use quality content research tools.
  • Identify trendy content.

Use Pinterest

It is a compelling social media platform for online retailers. It’s worthwhile to spend time and efforts on Pinterest to improve a site’s visibility.


  • Create a sound and compelling business profile.
  • Include your site’s URL.
  • Pin other images, articles, and videos.
  • Write relevant Pin Descriptions.
  • Follow industry leaders.

Local SEO

If you want to take advantage of local market, you need to invest in local SEO. It is a great way to improve a website’s visibility in the local region.

Tips -

  • Optimise Google My Business (GMB) listing.
  • Use local keywords across content.
  • Use consistent address across your online profiles.
  • Embed a Google Map in your website.
  • Include Geo tags.
  • Optimise meta tags for local keywords (both short and long-tail).

Improve users’ experience

In order to improve  a site’s visibility as well as its overall conversion rates, you need to streamline the users’ journey.

Tips -

  • Share content through email marketing and social media.
  • Use product ratings and reviews to influence users.
  • Provide a “related product” section.
  • Use CTAs.
  • Create high quality headers.
  • Create relevant, descriptive and appealing product descriptions.

In a nutshell, integrate the above mentioned proven strategies to improve the visibility of your site.

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