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6 Ways of improving your Site’s Performance

by admin | in SEO

To transform your normal website into a competitive and successful one, you need to embrace well-established SEO and internet marketing techniques.

Here are a few SEO and internet marketing techniques:

Use smart SEO tools

Many marketers ignore SEO tools, but the fact is, SEO tools can make the process of online marketing  faster, easier and smarter. Here are a few SEO tools to use:

  • Visual Website Optimizer – Use it to run A/B tests without knowing code.
  • Raven – Use it to perform SEO, content research and automate marketing reports.
  • Moz Pro – Use it to get actionable marketing data for better marketing.
  • Whois Lookup – Use this competitive intelligence tool for better understanding.
  • – Use it to perform technical SEO.

Focus on 301 redirects and bad backlinks

Infinite loops, long chains, bad links as well as 302 redirects affects a website to a great extent.


  • Remove low-quality backlinks.
  • Resolve overly complex redirect patterns.
  • Solve crawling and indexing errors.
  • Wisely Use 301 and 302 redirects wisely.
  • Understand Penguin 4.0, Phase 1

Disavow backlinks

Google always recommend removing as many spammy/low-quality links from a website  to improve its overall quality.


  • Stay away from bad links and paid links.
  • Study quality guidelines.
  • Never abuse rich snippets markup.
  • Perform link audit.
  • Learn the process of disavowing links –

Integrate live chat feature and a blog

Live chat features improve a customer’s overall shopping experience. You also need to integrate a blog section in your website to educate and inform users about products and services.


  • Share business tips and industry insights.
  • Write useful content to add value to your business website.
  • Share blog posts on social media channels.

Tackle common technical problems

It is quite frustrating when a website suffers setbacks because of some technical problems. Hence, as a marketer, understand tricky problems and resolve them.


  • Use a URL rewrite module (to enforce lowercase URLs).
  • Resolve the issue of multiple versions of a homepage (default, index, home, etc.)
  • Change page URLs with 301 redirects
  • Keep your sitemaps updated.
  • Resolve robots.txt errors.

Speed up your Website

If you want to   provide fast web experience to your users, you need to work on improving the overall speed of your website.

Tips -

  • Choose a good hosting server.
  • Take advantage of browser caching.
  • Enable gzip compression.
  • Use a content delivery network (CDN).

So, use these tips and techniques to increase your site’s performance.

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