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Understand the Real Value of LinkedIn

Understand the Real Value of LinkedIn

If you still believe that LinkedIn is only for job seekers and recruiters, you are missing out a vital opportunity as a business owner. It has become a premier social networking website with advanced features and options. You must use it to influence customers, decision makers and improve your brand’s image in an interactive manner.

Today, most marketers use LinkedIn for their B2C marketing purposes.

Here are a few reasons why you should use LinkedIn:

LinkedIn profiles

It is easy to create LinkedIn profiles.  Use it to check company profiles, their culture, history and number of professionals, etc.

Easy to connect with managers and business owners

Use it to get connected with managers, information officers, recruiters, and business owners, etc.  It helps you to efficiently improve your business connections and its overall productivity.


Today, visibility is not only a buzz word but a reality, so use LinkedIn because it is one of the best platforms for visibility.  “LinkedIn is the 16th most visited website in the world”.

“For better results, optimise your LinkedIn profile”.

Source of business intelligence

With its extraordinary features like LinkedIn Signal, it has become a unique source of business intelligence. In fact, it allows business owners, CEOs, CTOs and other industry leaders to interact with one another and drive better business outcomes.

“Highlight your uniqueness, skills, expertise, and focus on your company’s details in your LinkedIn profile”.

Professional network

LinkedIn may have fewer users as compared to Facebook; however, its users have a professional mindset. That is why it is advisable to use it as a business tool. In addition to that, LinkedIn has specialised widgets that allow people to recommend your products and services.

“Take time to complete your LinkedIn profile for maximum benefit”.

LinkedIn increases targeted community

Like any other social networking platform, LinkedIn also allows its users to follow business houses/firms and start interaction with them.

Some people still argue that such features are available on other platforms like Facebook, but when it comes to relevance, nothing can beat LinkedIn users.

LinkedIn Supports robust interaction

Its “LinkedIn Groups” feature allows you to build a community of professionals.

Having a LinkedIn Group itself offers a distinctive advantage, such as fast and reliable content sharing.

Better Page Management features

Whether you are aware about it or not, LinkedIn has multiple moderation tools, which no other platform offers. LinkedIn Group administrators can see the current status of people, add them, delete them, etc.


  • Always add your photo to establish your social media credibility.
  • Add your full name and address to increase the chances of your discoverability.
  • Focus on your profile’s headline to attract users.
  • Never skip the education, public profile and website section.
  • Use its Introduction feature.
  • Describe your area of expertise in the “experience section”.
  • Make sure your “contact setting” is updated and reflects your objectives.

It is a well established fact that LinkedIn has the potential to improve your business’ image as well as overall networking ability.

Result-oriented E-Commerce Tips and Techniques to Gain Competitive Edge

Result-oriented E-Commerce Tips and Techniques to Gain Competitive Edge

Creating an e-commerce website is easy; however, getting revenue from it is complex. Business owners create e-commerce websites to achieve success, but often fail to do so due to several reasons.

They often struggle to:

  • Develop a strong business foundation.
  • Promote their website in an organic manner.
  • Develop better relationships with users.
  • Devise the most agile marketing solutions (both online and offline.)
  • Execute specific digital marketing strategies to achieve better results.

Here are a few tips and techniques that can give you competitive edge:

Choose the most appropriate domain name and extension

You need to choose the most suitable domain name so that people can easily recognise your company.

In fact, choose the .com extension because it is easy to memorise. (52% of all websites are .com sites.)

Use Facebook

Facebook is useful for making relevant business connections  and improving business. Add “shop section” to your Facebook fan page to increase sales and brand’s popularity.

Fortunately, it is free and easy-to-add. (

Post everyday

If you want to engage the maximum number of people, you need to show your presence. So, share posts daily at every possible social sharing website.

This will increase your reach, extend your network and improve your product’s and brand’s popularity.


Create videos

To engage users, increase conversion rates, create short videos and upload them on your e-commerce websites.


  • Create tutorials, and explained videos to improve the understanding of your users.
  • Create a Youtube channel.
  • Share your videos on Facebook and other powerful social media sites.

Rely on email marketing

Email marketing is the most professional way to establish connection with customers. It is suitable for businesses of almost all sizes. All you need to do is to keep on sending newsletters containing information about  new products and offers to your customers.


  • Keep your email template simple and intuitive.
  • If possible, use high email marketing automation tools.

Google Analytics

Use Google Analytics to improve the overall performance of your e-commerce website. Use it to study/analyse every minute detail of your website right from customer behaviour to traffic sources


Keep your website updated

Always keep your website updated; remove products that are no longer in stock and remove that page from sitemaps. Provide complete product information.


  • Choose high-quality product images.
  • Provide security certificates and method of payment.
  • Show delivery and final cost.
  • Eliminate unnecessary checkout processes.

Besides that, try to improve the overall functionality (navigation, live chat feature, wish list, search box feature, categorisation of products, etc.) of your e-commerce website.

Reasons behind Websites Poor Performance

Reasons behind Websites’ Poor Performance

Business owners hire the best web designers, developers and optimisers; however, only a few websites rank high and achieve success in their paradigm. The reason could be anything right from an outdated design to wrong selection of keywords.

Here are a few reasons why websites fail to perform:

Outdated web design

This is one of the important reasons.  So, design your website according to your industry.

A few guidelines to create an effective web design:

  • Create simple but beautiful designs.
  • Keep navigation simple.
  •  Use contrasting colours.
  • Make your website responsive.
  • Always develop a multi-browser website.
  • Keep your website error-free.
  • Keep your design consistent throughout the site.

Incomprehensible content

Web design is not only about colours, patterns and graphics; it is also about font size, background colour, etc. In other words, content should be readable and scanable.

A few guidelines to create effective content format:

  • Choose the right font size.
  • Stick to contrasting colour combinations.
  • Use “sans serif” fonts for the best results.

Outdated plugins

Old, heavy plugins and add-ons make a website slow. So, remove such plugins and add-ons, if any,  to make your website fast. (Plugins are tools used to extend the functionality of a platform.)

Nothing frustrates user more than a slow load speed.

  • 47% of consumers expect a web page to load in two seconds or less.
  • 40% abandon a website that takes more than three seconds to load.

A few guidelines to make your site fast:

  • Use HTML5 for all of your videos and animations.
  • Install new plugins.

Unclear navigation structure

Poor navigation structure forces users to leave a website. Therefore, keep your site’s navigation structure simple, logical and readable.


  • Organise  information.
  • Uncover potential spots and remove dead pages.
  • Update your sitemap and navigation structure.

Your site lacks personality 

As a brand, your website should reflect its image, personality and look like a leader. Your website should improve the overall learning experience as well as knowledge of your users.


  • Remember, your site should support your business objectives.
  • It must have business logos, icons, slogans, etc, so that it can support your business.

No Call-to-action

According to a study, 80% of small B2B business websites lack a call-to-action. This not only confuses a user, but also lowers the overall conversion rate of a website.  So, always guide users to take action through proper call-to-actions.


  • Use CTAs appropriately across the website.
  • Be direct and conversational.

Bonus tips:

  • Use intuitive web designs.
  • Highlight your company’s uniqueness and strengths.
  • Use compelling templates.

By addressing these important issues,  you can easily enhance website’s performance.

Prolific Methods To Reduce Bounce Rate Of A Website

Prolific Methods To Reduce Bounce Rate Of A Website

Ideally a website should have high conversion rate, high page load speed, and low bounce rate. It should be fully functional and error-free.  The question remains – can it be achieved?

Yes, all you need to do is to focus on bounce rate.

“Slow website loading speed may impact your search rankings as well as increase bounce rate”.

According to Google, Bounce Rate is the percentage of single-page sessions (i.e. sessions in which the person left your site from the entrance page without interacting with the page).

Here are a few methods to reduce bounce rate of a website:

Create specific landing pages

Reduce the bounce rate by offering the most suitable answer to user’s query.  Write specific and relevant content. This will improve your site’s overall traffic.

For example, if a visitor is looking for information on aviation engineering in Boston and your landing is all about aviation engineering, user may bounce.


  • Provide specific set of information with relevant examples.
  • Provide digestible and scanable content.
  • Keep your site’s navigation as easy as possible.
  • Use keywords wisely.
  • Provide sufficient images and videos for better explanation.
  • Keep the website theme the same across your website.
  • Use suitable call-to-action where ever possible.

“47% of websites have a clear call-to-action button that takes users 3 seconds or less to see”.

Focus on formatting

Format your content properly to improve users’ experience. Poorly written content full of mistakes and errors may deter users.

In fact, you need to focus on:

  • white spaces
  • utilisation of sidebars
  • bullets and numbers
  • poor navigation
  • internal links
  • headings and sub-headings
  • poor website design
  • clutter
  • font size and images
  • background colour, etc.


  • Use bullet points and keep your content well formatted.
  • Use easy-to-load audio and video content.
  • Include links on sidebars.
  • Use A/B split testing.
  • Use “visual website optimizer” to test different versions of your landing pages.

Never annoy users

Most people use pop-ups, banner ads, blinking text, bold content across the site, which irritate users and eventually force them to leave.  So, focus on improving their experience rather getting them out.

“70% of users said they found irrelevant pop-ups to be annoying”.


  • Never use banner ads.
  • Keep fewer pop-ups .

Create compelling stories

Most marketers achieve success because they have the ability to create better and emotional stories around their products and services. If you want to grab the eyeballs, create engaging stories.


  • Understand your targeted audiences.
  • Keep your stories fresh and original.
  • Write great blog posts. (According to HubSpot, businesses that update their blogs with fresh content regularly generates 126% more leads.)
  • 90% of content marketers say that custom content has a positive impact on audience attitudes and reduces bounce rate.

So, use these methods to reduce bounce rate of your website.

Overcome the online Business challenges with these SEO Tools

Overcome the online Business challenges with these SEO Tools

It is necessary to maintain consistent search engine marketing efforts to meet the demands of customers as well as challenges of online business.

Read this article to know how to use various productive SEO tools.


This is an amazing tool that allows people to customise SEO dashboard for various uses. Use it for SEO audit.


As the name suggests, it is a link-building tool. This tool has the ability to influence data-driven SEO, content marketing and outreach strategies, etc. Use it to explore new opportunities, monitor competitor’s strategies, and benchmark performance.


This is an outstanding tool that helps to improve content marketing efforts. It provides a metrics to measure your content’s overall performance on the web.

This tool also provides a complete competitive analysis, insights and perspectives on inbound links. In addition to that, it helps you to have a wider perspective on your digital marketing strategy.


  • BrightEdge’s Data Cube provides marketers with an understanding of billions of pieces of content and consumer intent.
  • BrightEdge’s Content Optimizer empowers content authors to customise recommendations that drive optimum content performance.

Conductor Searchlight

This platform helps you to create great content, increase conversions, and get organic marketing ROI. It helps you to analyse, the most popular content on the web.

This tool also helps you to identify easy changes that may improve page rankings. Businesses use it because it predicts traffic, leads, and revenues. Use it to prioritise your tasks according to your business objectives.


SEMrush is an intuitive and powerful competitive intelligence suite for online marketing. It includes everything from SEO and PPC to social media and video advertising research. Use it to perform technical audit, track rankings, obtain ideas, as well as extract detailed backlinks reports.

Screaming Frog

Its SEO Spider is a powerful and specialised website crawler that allows you to crawl websites’ URLs and perform onsite SEO analysis. Use this tool to find and fix broken links, find temporary and permanent redirects, as well as discover duplicate content.

This tool also helps you to analyse page titles and meta descriptions, generate XML sitemaps, and integrate Google analytics.


Ahrefs is a comprehensive toolset for SEO and marketing. You can improve your backlink research process, organic traffic analysis, keyword research, content marketing and much more with the help of its premium features. (Use this incredible tool to increase the visibility of your website.)

(Over 600,000 users all across the world have used Ahrefs to improve their optimisation efforts.)

So, use these SEO tools to ensure online success.

Joomlas Powerful and Effective Social Extensions

Joomla’s Powerful and Effective Social Extensions

Joomla is a powerful, flexible, and open-source content management system (CMS) with various features and designs. Most of the developers choose it due to its powerful social extensions.

“Joomla has more than 7000 extensions”.

Here are a few powerful social extensions:

Fast Social Share

This is an effective social sharing plugin designed to display social share buttons, like Twitter, Facebook, Google, Pinterest, LinkedIn, etc. The best part is that it never affects your site’s speed and overall performance.

Fast Social Share also helps to embed buttons automatically.

“ has more than 2 TB of traffic per month”.

Social Stream extension

This is a great solution to blend all of your social interactions into a single network stream. It supports many social channels and makes you  identify social activities from a single view point.

It is time saving, flexible, and automatically updates itself.

“Joomla uses object-oriented-programming (OOP) methodology“.

EasySocial extension

This extension allows you to start your own social network on Joomla. It is fast and helps you to engage and interact with your audiences.

“Joomla is easy to use and install. You do not have to be an expert to set up Joomla”.


This extension is designed to help website visitors to share content and follow website through a variety of social networks. It has many configuration options and subscription rates are quite low.

“According to Alexa Traffic Rankings, 7% of total successful websites run on Joomla“.

Ampz Social Share buttons

This extension displays social sharing buttons on multiple positions on the website including WhatsApp. It is fast as well as compatible with all Joomla plugin/components.

“Joomla is best for creating e-commerce websites”.

JUX Facebook Events

This Joomla module combines all Facebook events on your fan page. You can manage all events without scrolling Facebook history, which saves your time and efforts.

JUX Facebook Events is easy to customise with impressive control and back-end feature.

Joomla Social Tabs

This robust extension combines 16 social network profiles. It helps you to get real-time updates from different social network without hassles.

Vote button

This is a popular plugin that shows social share or vote button. It contains almost all popular social networks or bookmark sites that support button/badge for vote.

All the above extensions are worth using. Use them to improve your website’s overall presence.

Intuitive Tools to Increase Focus as well as Productivity

Intuitive Tools to Increase Focus as well as Productivity

Due to continuous distractions (from both online and off line mediums), it becomes difficult to focus on work processes. In order to create and deliver innovative products and services, businesses need to ensure they have an aligned and distraction-free work flow. And to achieve these businesses need to use next-generation tools.

Here are a few tools to increase focus as well as productivity:


This is an intuitive and proven distraction blocker for your computer as well as mobile devices. This tool helps you to block specific websites and application from the dashboard.


  • Use it on your Mac, Windows, iPhone, iPad, etc.
  • It is easy-to-install and use.
  • Use it to manage distractions.
  • Use it to create endless lists of websites and apps that distract you.

Self-Control (For Mac users only)

This fast tool lets you create a specific set of blacklisted websites. Use it to create a set of white-listed sites.

“Self-Control is a profound, completely free and open-source”.


  • Use it to selectively avoid distracting sites.
  • Use it to improve productivity, work processes and urgent operations.

Focus Booster

This time-tracking tool helps you to record all your sessions and productivity. It empowers employees to maintain and enhance focus.

“Focus Booster is designed to promote mindfulness and high achievement”.


  • Use it to stay focused and fresh to do more in less time.
  • Use it to visualise your progress.
  • Use it to finish your work quickly and accurately.
  • Use it to maintain healthy work/life balance.

LeechBlock (Firefox)

Most Firefox users use it to block sites for a specific time period. This productivity (tool) extension is useful to set timers on blocked websites. This extension can be easily configured.

“LeechBlock ensures distraction-free work”.


  • Use it to block sites within fixed time periods.
  • Use it to track the total amount of time you have spent on a particular website.


This is an all-in-one distraction killing (time-management) tool. It blocks distracting websites and applications as well as notifications. It runs in the background of both your computer and mobile devices.

This tool also provides comprehensive reports so that you know exactly how you’ve spent your time during a day.


  • Use it to get weekly email summaries.
  • Use it to set and achieve goals.
  • Use it to analyse all your activities and get a productivity score.
  • Use it to understand your daily habits and improve your focus.
  • Use it to manage your time and activities.

So, if you want to fight with uncertain conditions and improve your business’s overall productivity, rely on these tools to ensure growth.

Internet Marketing Tools and Techniques for Small Businesses

Internet Marketing Tools and Techniques for Small Businesses

  • Is internet marketing the core to your business strategy?
  • Do you want to have fruitful connections with your audience?
  • Do you want to use effective internet marketing tools?

According to Salesforce and Accenture, internet marketing is the essence of any online business.  In this article, we have explained how it can improve the bottom-line of a business.


This is the most popular all-in-one business and marketing automation platform. It is designed to lessen the burden of technology for small businesses and entrepreneurs.

Use this easy-to-use and flexible tool to automate your email campaigns and send automated SMS messages to your users.

It helps you to

  • Customise your shopping cart.
  •  Create better customer experiences, increase sales and automate internet marketing.


This powerful and succinct tool helps you to automate your marketing tasks. It connects different online services and lets you automate your tasks.

“Zapier helps businesses to reach their strategic goals”.


  • Use it to connect social networks and other online services.
  • Use it to automate tasks between web apps.
  • Use it to improve sales instead of wasting time on data entry.

Visual Website Optimizer

If you are not using it, use it now. This is an incredible tool for performing complete A/B and multivariate testing. It is quite easy-to-use and requires no in-depth technical knowledge.

“Visual Website Optimizer can increase online sales”.


  • Use it to create unlimited tests.
  • Use it to track revenue, sign-ups, clicks, engagement, and much more.
  • Use it to discover the best performing version of website.
  • Use it to optimise and personalise your website.


This is an all-in-one analytics tool to study visitors. This tool shows insights and meaningful information through clickmaps, clickmaps, scroolmaps, etc.

Use it to explore business opportunities and users’ behaviour.

“Hotjar helps to obtain timely and accurate information necessary to orchestrate the marketing mix”.


  • Use it to manage multiple client sites from one account.
  • Use it to collect actionable data from all pages on your website.
  • Use it improve your user experience and performance.


This is a great, flexible, practical, useful, reliable and cost-effective social media monitoring tool that allows you to track your brand across social media channels, blogs, forums, etc.

All you need to do is to set up keywords you want to monitor.

“According to a study, around 80% of consumers research or ask online before making a buying decision”.


  • Use it to improve customer satisfaction and sales.
  • Use it to take follow-up on positive comments.

So, whether you have a small or large business, use these actionable internet marketing tools to improve ROI.

Explicitly Powerful e-commerce Platforms

Explicitly Powerful e-commerce Platforms

If you want to sell products online, you need a powerful e-commerce platform, having features like product management, shopping cart, order processing, inventory control, etc.

Here are a few exclusive and intuitive e-commerce platforms to choose from:


This is the most popular e-commerce platform. Its drag-and-drop feature is one of the best.

“Gumroad allows all types of creators to sell their work (music, art, books, films, etc) to their audiences”.

It is easy to set up an online store with the help of Gumroad. In fact, this platform gives you everything you need to start an e-commerce website.


Selz offers a great range of  themes and optional apps/applications for your online store. You can easily customise its themes/templates and add physical or digital products in a few simple clicks. (Selz has many game changing features.)

It has many advanced add-ons features.  (Selz offers responsive websites).


Storenvy is the best friend of online entrepreneurs. It offers customised themes and domains along with Facebook Store integration to sell products. It is easier to organise products on Storenvy than any other e-commerce platform.

Most of the features and services are free. (Storenvy increases transparency and can significantly impact a company’s growth).

Wix (a leading cloud-based development platform)

Use this intuitive platform to create a free website. You can customise it with its free website builder, in fact, no coding skill is needed to configure it. All you need to do is to choose an ideal design and begin customising as per your requirements.

“Over 90 million people in 180 countries rely on Wix”.

This platform offers drag-and-drop features, designer-made templates, beautiful galleries, huge image collection, secure hosting, complete support and much more. Beyond that, it also helps you to automate your email marketing to grow your business. (Wix allows you to send invoices and accept payments online in a hassle-free way).

“Wix offers an invaluable set of marketing and promotional tools”.

You should use its Automatic Live Chat application to assist your customers in real-time and provide them with the best.


“Shopify currently powers over 325,000 businesses in approximately 150 countries”.

Shopify is the most advanced e-commerce platform that has everything you need to sell online. It offers incredible themes, easy to customise features, safety, inventory control features, web hosting facility, 24/7 support, easy-to-use analytics, traffic reports, free tools and much more.

“Shopify is one of the best cloud-based, multi-channel commerce platform that is designed for small and medium-sized businesses”.

Thanks to these platforms, creating an e-commerce site is now easier than ever before. So, embrace one of these e-commerce platforms to write your own success story.

Advantages of E-commerce Tools

Advantages of E-commerce Tools

  • Are you an e-commerce website owner?
  • Do you want to take the advantage of advanced tools to generate leads?
  • Want to know about free e-commerce tools to align your marketing activities?

There are many effective and productive tools that can boost the overall visibility of an e-commerce website.

Following are a few advanced SEO tools:


Yoast is an SEO-friendly tool/plugin having incredible features and functions. It is especially designed to assist e-commerce websites.

“Yoast helps to achieve great results in less time”.

This plugin allows you to add SEO title, meta description, and meta keywords. It is easy-to-use and free.


Ubersuggest is one of the most acclaimed keyword research tools for e-commerce. This tool adds a letter or a digit to the base term/key phrase  and extracts suggestions for it.

Use it to get a great number of keyword ideas. It is easy-to-use, relevant and fast.


Use it to find the most profitable keywords for PPC and SEO.  No doubt, it is the best competitive intelligence tool.


This is a useful SEO audit tool designed for SEO professionals to review websites’ performance. Use it to analyse web pages for content duplicity, missing image attributes, broken links, header tags, anchor text, etc.

“SEOmator brings comprehensive and accurate SEO analysis”.

This tool also checks internal and external links, language codes, structure data, canonicalisation issues and much more.  Use it to make your e-commerce website error free.

SEO PowerSuite

SEO PowerSuite is one the most comprehensive SEO software solutions with unique analytical features. It is designed to provide insights and helps you to pick the most effective SEO keywords.

“SEO PowerSuite helps to make smarter decisions”.

You must use it to keep a track of rankings, link analysis, broken links, coding errors, duplicate content, geo-specific rankings, competition, traffic and much more at a single location.


This is a complete SEO platform that covers everything right from rank tracking, keyword research, to backlink analysis.

“Searchmetrics can boost business efficiencies and profit margins”.

You can also see everything in graphical form. It offers premium features for e-commerce businesses of all sizes. Use it to uncover market opportunities and realise current trends to improve your marketing activities.


This is one of the most credible tools in the market for backlink research, organic traffic analysis and research, keyword research, content marketing and much more. Use it to know how e-commerce pages perform on search engines.

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step; so, start using the above mentioned tools to take your e-commerce site to the next level.