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Why you should Choose Volusion for Your Online Store?

by admin | in SEO

If you have decided to sell your products or services online, it is the right time for you to choose the best e-commerce platform. Nowadays, various types of e-commerce platforms are available on the web, making it quite difficult to choose the best one. However, when it comes to extensive features and flexibility, nobody can ignore the potential of Volusion. Volusion is a fully hosted, all-in-one e-commerce platform that allows you to own both an e-commerce website and a shopping cart software.

Volusion allows you to choose an e-commerce template, set up product categories and upload inventory.

Here are a few reasons to choose Volusion for your online store:

  • Availability of beautiful designs – Volusion offers various types of high quality designs and wonderful layouts to create an online store. The biggest advantage is that you can customise any template to meet your business needs.

  • Inventory management – Volusion helps you to create product listings with images. You can monitor your stock and manage it efficiently with the help of its value-added features. In addition, it is also easy to use and handle.

  • Attract customers – Volusion is known for its social media and SEO tools. It helps you to optimise your content to attract new customers.

  • Safe payment options – Business owners choose Volusion because it has secure payment processing options. You can easily update your stock and manage your shipping options online.

  • SEO friendly – You can edit your robots.txt file, fix critical errors and make your online store search engine friendly.

  • Regular support – Volusion offers complete support (24/7 live support) and assistance to store owners.

  • Coupon codes – Store owners can provide coupon codes and gift cards to their customers to improve sales.

  • Social media sharing – Customers can easily share products from your store with their social networks, including Facebook, Twitter, etc.

  • Data access and reporting – Youcan easily generate reports, sales data, and users’ statistics and even analyse your site’s performance.

Quick facts:

  • Over 40,000 stores are currently using the Volusion software.

  • Over $21 billion in merchant sales worldwide to date.

Therefore, choose Volusion to sell your products or services and build strong relations with your customers and to beat your competitors. Its advanced features will help your company to grow beyond your wildest dreams and improve its operational efficiency.

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