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Use Tumblr to Achieve High Traffic

Use Tumblr to Achieve High Traffic

by admin | in SEO

Social media is one of the best ways to achieve substantial return on investment. It helps business owners to attract traffic and nurture leads.

Finding the right social media platform is a trick.  Tumblr, a dynamic blogging platform, can help your cause in a big way.

Here are a few tips to achieve traffic through Tumblr:

Post All Types of content

Unlike any other social networking site and blogging platform, Tumblr offers an opportunity to post multiple types of media content, such as:

  • Text
  • Photos
  • Quotes
  • Links
  • Audio files
  • Video, etc.

You can post stuff related to your business.

Add Relevant Tags

Tags on Tumblr are very essential because it helps users to find your content. In fact, it is wise to add as many (relevant) tags as possible to your posts to make them visible across the platform. You also need to carry out a research to bring variations in your tags.

Create a Professional Profile

You must remember that when it comes to social media, your profile is your business card. Hence, create an excellent profile with every possible detail of your business.

Be Active

If you are active and regular you are bound to succeed. It is better to post a link/image/video daily to show your presence. In this way, you can engage as many people as possible.

Interact with Other Users

Another technique to become a popular and active brand on Tumblr is to interact with other users and improve network.  So follow them, like their comments/posts, re-blog their stuff, etc.

Focus on Quality

It is very important to focus on quality content. However, if you have nothing to post, do not post for the sake of it. Invest some time in research and create relevant and informative content for users.

Blog Around a specific subject

Of course, nobody will guide or limit you; however, for the best results, narrow down your choices and write content around a specific topic.

Advertise Yourself

Tumblr allows you to place ads in your posts. Use it to advertise your website/blog, or your products or services.

No doubt, it is an excellent way to promote your business and get your words out.


  • Keep your blogs simple and clean.
  • Post according to your business strategy.
  • Be creative and focused.
  • Share pictures, reviews and short comments.
  • Share high quality graphs, charts and infographics.

No wonder, people are using Tumblr in a big way.

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