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Use Social Media to Promote Events

Use Social Media to Promote Events

by admin | in SEO

Social media is an ideal medium to promote an event. Today, business leaders, executives, social media influencers and marketers use social media sites to promote their events.


  • 92% of consumers go by word of mouth recommendations.
  • Marketing induced word of mouth generates twice the sales of paid advertising.

Simply put, the best way to get the attention of users is to use social media techniques.

Advantages of using social media to promote events:

  • Easy to manage communication and collaboration.
  • Reduces complexity.
  • Overcomes limitations of email marketing and other online marketing.
  • Provides complete compliance and flexibility of use.

Here are a few techniques they follow:

 Share pictures

 “A picture is worth a thousand words”. Social media messages should always include quality pictures; they should never be limited to text-only posts.

If you are promoting an event, post banners, tickets, and other relevant images.

Always post at the right time

 There is no room for your convenience. Instead, time your post to maximise its reach. For that, use a social media automation tool.

Create captivating event hashtags

 Create catchy hashtags and for maximum impact, keep them short.  Study your competitors’ to get the best ideas. Follow the trend and understand the rules of creating event hashtags.

 Use Multiple Social Networks

 To maximise the reach of your event, use more than 3 social networking sites.  Use Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest, Tumblr, Vine and Snapchat as well. This will not only diversify your efforts, but also improve your brand awareness.


  • Use the most popular and least competitive network.
  • Be an initiator.
  • Never ignore the potential of YouTube.


Organise a Contest

 If you want to win the race,  organise contests for your users. Social media contests are effective and attract users. Contests not only create instant awareness, but also help your cause in a dramatic manner.


  •  Organise contests according to the social networking site.
  • Organise contests according to the interest of people.
  • Pay attention to traffic sources.

Identify your brand advocates

To make an event popular, you need to identify  passionate advocates and ask them to help you. Encourage your fans to create user-generated content on your behalf.

Share your story

 Always share your brand’s story to convey your company’s objectives. You need to create attractive posts and provide link of your “about us” page. If possible, share success stories as well as case studies.


  • Be sure you use your event’s hashtags.
  • Share your company’s mission and objectives.

Social media can turn a local event into a national event. So, use it wisely to promote your event.

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