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Use Social bookmarking sites to attract Extensive Traffic

by admin | in SEO

Social bookmarking is a highly popular technique amongst SEO professionals. In fact, it is one of the best and the most effective methods to achieve referral traffic. Social bookmarking is a centralised online service, which allows users to add, edit and share bookmarks of web documents. Most of business owners make use of social bookmarking but not in the most efficient way. If used systematically, social bookmarking alone can attract a large amount of traffic to your website.

Here are a few tips to use social bookmarking sites more efficiently:

  • Focus on headings – Apt headings attract new customers and improve their overall experience. You must provide attractive headings to your articles. This will certainly improve traffic to your website.

  • Write short descriptions – You must write short and meaningful descriptions to engage customers. If possible, try to create buzz around a specific topic to grab the attention of your customers.

  • Choose the right category – If you want to make your content viral, always choose the right category. Putting your article in the “miscellaneous” will take you nowhere.

  • Create a good profile – Most people start submitting their links abruptly without furnishing their complete details. Always create a good profile to build your brand image and achieve authenticity. You also need to increase your followers to make your presence felt.

  • Always submit fresh articles – Always submit fresh, original, latest news or articles to inform and update your customers. Boring and old news may deter your audiences.

  • Respond to comments - Always respond to comments and make people feel happy. This is a great way to make new friends and expand your network.

  • Go with the trend – Always choose trendy topics to achieve the maximum number of clicks. You must explore your industry and its latest advancements.

  • Spread your network – Find your business niche, follow industry leaders and analyse your competitors. Use URL shortening system for fast sharing.

  • Share images – To attract new customers, you must share funny images, videos, stories and infographics.

In addition, you should use Google analytics to track your referral traffic and other tools to monitor your success rate. Today, you can use various social bookmarking sites (Stumbleupon, Delicious, Reddit, Pinterest and many more) to drive huge traffic to your websites. These sites are phenomenal and can improve your website’s visibility on the web.

Quick facts:

  • Stumbleupon drives over 50 percent of social media traffic in the United States.

  • The average Stumble page view lasts 72 seconds which is 25% longer than the average web page views.

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