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Use SEO to Improve and Streamline your Online Marketing

Use SEO to Improve and Streamline your Online Marketing

by admin | in SEO

Right SEO strategies can help online business to deliver the best. Here are a few SEO strategies to use:

Strengthen design elements

Many business owners still believe that website’s design elements can’t improve traffic, which is wrong.  In fact, design plays an important role in improving the overall:

  • rankings
  • traffic
  • conversion

As a business owner,  you should focus on a user-friendly website. Certain small tweaks in the elements can make a huge difference. For better results:

  • Avoid unnecessary plugins and tools.
  • Never ignore breadcrumbs.
  • Choose responsive, clean and modern website template.
  • Focus on both looks and functionality.

Build solid backlinks

Today, marketers are using a wide variety of backlink building techniques. However, when it comes to backlink building along with establishing relationship enhancing, you must create SlideShare presentations.


  • Create useful and original presentations.
  • Use both text and images.
  • Carefully optimise your presentations.
  • Use Canva to create better designs and graphics.

Don’t ignore voice search

Many marketers still believe that voice search is in its incipient stage, but reality is something different. According to a report, 20% of searches on mobile app and on Android devices are voice searches.


Automate content

Consumers have the power to shape or break a business. Hence, it is prudent to empower them with the right content. Of course, it takes time and efforts to create original content.


  • Use Pardot, Buffer, Tailwind, Searchmetrics, etc.

Advantages of using content automation tools:

  • Ease of creating content.
  • Automating content publishing
  • Simplifying content update
  • Enabling businesses to deliver personalised content

Bonus tips:

  • Use all sorts of channels – email, social channels like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and LinkedIn.
  • Write, optimise and publish press releases to increase brand awareness.
  • Include reviews on your site to create positive perceptions.

So, use SEO to improve the quality of online marketing.

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