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Use Instagram for Fast Growth

Use Instagram for Fast Growth

by admin | in SEO

It is no secret that Instagram can contribute to your business’s growth. Companies with an established fan base get great results, but what about startup companies?  If you are a small business owner and want great results, use Instagram.

“With over 500 million monthly active users, Instagram is the 4th most downloaded application in the US.”

Here are a few techniques to use Instagram for instant growth:

Connect social accounts

Instagram allows you to connect with other profiles (Facebook, Pinterest, Google+, Twitter, Tumblr, etc.) so that your posts (new posts) can get easily published. All you need to do is to add your website’s address and an effective company profile.

Use Instagram Stories

 This is similar to Snapchat stories and helps you to create stories using multiple images and videos. This is one of the best features of Instagram.

Use Instagram’s analytics tool

Use Instagram’s analytics tool to understand user’s behaviour, likes and dislikes, popular hashtags, popular stories, trending videos, etc. This will help you to improve your posts as well as engagement rate.

Monitor comments

Give due importance to users’ comments and feedbacks. You must respond immediately to comments as well as keep a track of old comments.

This will help you to know about your audiences. If you face difficulty in monitoring all the comments, use social media management tools, such as Sprout Social.

Use Influencer Marketing

 Influencer marketing has huge following. So, use it if you want to get exposed to a wider audience base.

Influencer marketing – It is a form of online marketing that focuses on key industry leaders or someone with many active followers to communicate the message of a brand.

Benefits of using Influencer marketing:

  •  Enhances credibility
  • Access to a larger audience

Use Hashtags (Instagram uses hashtags to categorise content)

The beauty of hashtags  is that they make your content visible. It not only increases your chances of engagement, but also builds your brand in the market.

Create more videos

Videos are in vogue; they attract more eyeballs than any other multimedia. If you are on Instagram, you must create more videos and publish regularly to drive better engagement.

 Instagram videos are easy to create and publish.

Start Regramming (It is a popular process of sharing another Instagram user’s post to your own page.)

This is an easy way to start getting  momentum on Instagram. In fact, this is a quick way to share other’s content on the web.

 Use Instagram Ads

 Instagram Ads are effective as well as affordable. Whether you are a small or big business owner, you can easily establish your brand’s presence with the help of Instagram Ads.


  • Host an Instagram contest to attract users.
  • Create custom hashtags for your contest.
  • Focus on individuals rather than businesses.
  • Start following companies who can support your brand.

Follow these Instagram techniques to improve your business’s growth.

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