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Use Advanced Analytics Tools to Enhance Performance

by admin | in SEO

Today, more and more businesses use internet marketing to enhance their customer base. However, due to lack of knowledge and skills most marketers fail to utilise analytics.

Here are a few well-known analytics tools that must be used:


  • Most of the marketers believe that using analytics is the way to go for improved cost-effectiveness, transparency, and access to critical data.
  • Measuring traffic and sales should be on the priority list when it comes to accessing analytics.
  • Successful marketers use a combination of analytics platforms to convert browsers into buyers.

Google analytics

Google Analytics tool is easy to install and manage. It offers comprehensive information and actionable insights related to a website..

Marketers can use it to analyse the performance of their sites and track visitors’ information.


  • It is easy to track bounce rate, time on page, and exits with the help of Google Analytics.
  • It is easy to set goals for your website with the help of Google Analytics.
  • Marketers can view audience and acquisition report to learn more about their websites’ impact.


  • Use Google Analytics to know about your top performing pages.
  • Use goal funnel to check users’ behaviour.


Clicky is one of the most popular and easy-to-use analytics platforms that help you to monitor and analyse your site’s real time traffic. Use it to extract complete details of your users.

In addition, Clicky also helps you to see heat maps for visitor’s sessions. One of the biggest advantages is that it offers Split-testing and A/B Testing features also. It helps you to streamline promotional activities.


  • Clicky is all about real-time data.
  • It provides up-to-the-minute analytics.


It is another analytics platform that provides comprehensive real time details of a site. It offers great number of features that help you to identify your websites’ strong and weak points.

Its innovative and intuitive interface allows you to fine-tune your website. Use it to  improve your website’ conversion rates. No doubt, it’s a simple tool to use.


KISSmetrics helps marketers to increase conversions and improve business growth.


This is one of the best platforms to measure performance of websites and blogs. It provides actionable insights into the business. It is all about knowing your audiences.

It gives you real-time data so that you can adjust your marketing strategies. It is quite helpful to analyse the growing trend amongst visitors. It is easy-to-use with great interface.


It is a renowned server-based web analytics tool. It is used for tracking traffic trends, HTTP referrers, and search trends. Marketers can track total number of visits, searches, pages, and repeat visitors, too.

No doubt, it is one of the most advanced analytics tool that can improve business strategies. Its interface is attractive, robust and useful. This tool has several features to use.


To receive detailed qualitative as well as quantitative information of your website use any one the above mentioned analytics tools.

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