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Trusted Ways to Build Inbound Links

Trusted Ways to Build Inbound Links

by admin | in SEO

Building good inbound links to your website is the most difficult task. It takes hard work, thorough analysis; in-depth research, relevant experience and great industry expertise to attract good links from high authority sites. People utilise different types of tools and methods to achieve backlinks for their websites; in fact, they often resort to spamming to achieve backlinks, which is one of the most dangerous methods because ultimately it leads to a penalty. It is also known as a Black Hat SEO and this technique goes against Google’s Webmaster Guidelines.

One of the most apparent advantages of building good quality backlinks is to get an extensive amount of traffic. It results in a higher conversion rate and a lower bounce rate.

In addition to this, backlinks also help your website to rank higher in the search engine result pages. Therefore, it is highly recommended that you gain backlinks from high quality and high authority sites.

Here are a few ways to build good quality backlinks:

  • Maintain a blog – People often neglect this, but it is the most effective, simple and proactive way to achieve good quality backlinks. People love to read great content on blogs and share them instantly, which generates organic inbound links. However, you must write on the current topics and news to attract the maximum amount of customers.

  • Write guest blog posts – Write agood blog post on a current topic or any trending subject, and ask blog owners to share it. It is the most authentic way to receive inbound links. However, you need to write compelling, research-based, comprehensive and in-depth blog posts for maximum customer engagement.

  • Create case studies - This is one of the most trusted methods of engaging customers, building backlinks and achieving a lower bounce rate. There is a simple formula – if you make your clients look good and valuable in case studies, they will definitely link back. However, you need to make your case study attractive, interesting and extensive, incorporating all the elements from technical to analytical.

  • Write book reviews – If you write an excellent, detailed and analytical review of another author’s story or content, there is a good chance of getting backlinks from them. This is an organic way to create inbound links for your website.

  • Create beautiful infographics – People love to see, read and share infographics that have a professional look. If you create beautiful, fact-based and original infographics, people will definitely link back to you as the main source, which is good for your website. In fact, it has become a popular SEO strategy these days. Sounds good?


You can adopt any legitimate way or technique to generate good inbound links and improve traffic to your website, but do not use Black Hat SEO strategies which is a common practice.

A few key facts:

  • Maintain a healthy blog

  • Write guest blog posts

  • Create compelling case studies

  • Write book reviews

  • Create beautiful infographics

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