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Technical SEO Tactics and Strategies for Marketers

Technical SEO Tactics and Strategies for Marketers

by admin | in SEO

SEO is advancing, that is why it is important for marketers to keep themselves updated with the latest algorithm updates.

Here are a few SEO techniques and strategies that can help marketers to stay ahead of the competition:

Check website speed

A website that loads slow can’t rank high and may lose traction over a period of time. That is why it is important to test and accelerate website speed at regular intervals.


  • Use a CDN (A content delivery network is a system that uses distributed servers to deliver websites and other web content depending on user’s location, and website’s content – Monitis)
  • Minimise redirects
  • Minify java script codes
  • Try to reduce image size (According to the HTTP Archive, 61 percent of a website’s page weight on a desktop computer is images. Ensure that your website images are appropriately sized.)
  • Study –

Focus on click-through rate of a website

It is a known fact that high organic CTR can improve the overall rankings as well as traffic of a website. However, it is also true that increasing CTR is one of the most difficult tasks.

Here are a few ways to improve CTR of a website/blog:

  • Create creative titles.
  • Identify and optimise low performing pages.
  • Use lists and bullet points in your content.
  • Spend time in writing engaging snippets.
  • Optimise descriptions.
  • Write specific and relevant content.
  • Improve page load speed.
  • Take advantage of Google Analytics and take actions.
  • Try to reduce bounce rate.
  • Improve site’s usability.
  • Use images and statistics in your content.

Use Webmaster Tools

It is one of the most helpful resources for marketers. It is designed to identify a site’s issues, errors as well as spot penalties.


  • Always start with the verification process.
  • Pay special attention to the dashboard.
  • Set the preferred domain.
  • Always study the total number of pages indexed by Google.
  • Use “fetch as Google” to index important pages of your website.
  • Identify and fix broken links.
  • Use this tool to improve your site’s titles and descriptions.

Focus on content audit

Content audit improves the overall visibility of a website. Unfortunately content audit is still the most underutilised part of SEO.


  • Focus on content’s title and descriptions as well as their lengths.
  • Update your content at regular intervals.
  • Optimise content with long-tail keywords.
  • Remove duplicate and thin content.
  • Remove/replace broken links.
  • Use quality content audit tools, like Dyno Mapper.

If you are out of action, it is likely that your revenues will go down. So, use the above mentioned SEO techniques and strategies to outrank your competitors.

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