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Technologies in small business

Small Businesses can Use Digital Marketing to Generate Traffic & Gain Credibility

by admin | in SEO

Digital marketing techniques assist small businesses to capture the market and achieve better outcomes. Here are a few digital marketing techniques for small businesses: Make use of online reviews According to a report, 83% of buyers claim that they no longer trust advertising, but trust recommendations from users online. Hence, you should make good use of online reviews. Here are a few ways to use reviews:

  • Use Yelp, Google, and Facebook.
  • Add a Yelp button to your website.
  • 68% of consumers go to social networking sites to read product reviews; hence, rely on Facebook reviews.

Keep your content updated Create valuable, informative and fresh content for both users and search engines. Here are a few ways to keep your content updated and effective:

  • Regularly update your content.
  • Focus on current news and trends.
  • Understand what is “Page Quality Rating”.
  • Update your blog frequently.

Study and analyse reporting metrics Whether you are a marketer or business owner, you should study and analyse SEO reporting metrics thoroughly; it will help you to understand what’s going on and what you need to do further to improve.  Here are a few tips to study SEO metrics:

  • Understand Bounce rate, Average Session Duration, Conversion rate & volumes.
  • Study Google Search Console and keep an eye on penalties as well as technical issues.
  • Study landing pages as well as their overall performance.

Perform SEO audit An SEO audit is a procedure to check serious technical issues on a website. Do it on a regular basis. Here are a few ways to perform an SEO audit:

Improve your site’s trust signals If your site is unable to convert browsers into buyers, something is wrong somewhere.   Most probably your website doesn’t appear trustworthy. Here are a few ways to improve trust signals:

  • One of the most effective ways to gain credibility is by using security trust seals.
  • Use SSL security protocols.
  • Get testimonials from satisfied customers.

Empower email marketing Email is the best mode of establishing relationship with customers in today’s world. Here are a few ways to empower your email marketing efforts:

  • Use standard email templates.
  • Avoid using junk words and improper pronouns.

Use the above mentioned digital marketing tactics to generate traffic and gain credibility.

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