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SEO Trends Likely to Dominate in 2017

SEO Trends Likely to Dominate in 2017

by admin | in SEO

SEO is a dynamic process, hence businesses need to create a focused SEO strategy.  With so many emerging platforms, applications, techniques and tools, it is difficult to know which platform will dominate the future.

Here are a few trends that may dominate SEO in 2017:

Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMPs)

 Accelerated Mobile Pages is an open-source protocol that allow webmasters to create pages that can be instantly loaded on mobile devices. This makes your website fast and responsive.

You will be surprised to know that Google has started giving prominence to websites that have switched over to AMPs. Therefore, this new technological advancement may likely dominate the SEO market.

Dense Content

 People are getting sick of reading monotonous content; that is why content marketers are going for dense content.

If you want to carve a specific position in the niche, you need to write informative and precise content.  In other words, to the point content is going to rule the roost.


According to a study, content marketing helps to get quality traffic, leads and sales for a business.

Application development

 Mobile apps are redefining the concept of branding. Today, more and more business owners choose mobile app development to:

Attract users

  • Build brand image
  • Improve communication
  • Create public awareness
  •  Ensure customer satisfaction
  • Study trending products and services
  • Strengthen brand and educate customers.


  • According to a study, 70 % of buying experiences are influenced by how customers feel they’re being treated.
  • Mobile devices account for 52 % of their online orders.
  • A mobile app may not save your business, but it is a sure way of attaining a strong presence in your industry.


Inform users of new products/services and offers

  • Stand out from the competition
  • Reach out to the maximum number of people in less time

 Cross-channel marketing

 Cross-channel marketing means using several channels to market your brand in an integrated manner. The objective of cross-channel marketing is to create a consistent brand presence across multiple channels. In fact, this is the finest way to help customers and improve brand image.

According to a survey, 73 % of respondents said that cross-channel marketing had significantly improved the conversion rates. However, it is effective, if you understand your target audience.

 Voice search

 This is the next big thing to empower market. In fact, it has become one of the fastest growing search options for users. Therefore, you should closely monitor the growing voice search trends and adjust your marketing strategy accordingly.

Of course, it is difficult to discuss the dominating trends of future; however, the above mentioned trends are gaining traction and likely to change the course of marketing.

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