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SEO Tools to Accelerate Content Marketing

SEO Tools to Accelerate Content Marketing

by admin | in SEO

Studies show companies that leverage SEO tools for content marketing and focus diligently on content promotion perform better.

Here are a few SEO tools to improve your content marketing effort.


This popular WordPress SEO plugin helps you to conduct keyword research. If you want to write user friendly content, use this tool. In fact, it also helps you to optimise content and enables you to measure the success of  content optimised.

Google Keyword Planner

This tool is primarily associated with pay-per-click (PPC) and SEO model; however, you can also use it to improve your content marketing efforts.

You can use it to :

  • Search for new keywords and ad group ideas.
  • Get search volume for a list of keywords.
  • Analyse the popularity of key phrases.
  • Get new keyword ideas.
  • Choose long tail keywords for content marketing.

Google Trends

Google Trends displays the popularity of a given “search term”; it shows complete details about how often people search for a keyword and their location as well.

Google Trends has many features (such as trending searches, trending on YouTube, top charts as well as Google correlate, etc.), which are useful for content marketers.

Ahrefs Content Explorer

One of the best ways of creating high-quality and valuable content is to find the most shared content in your niche and follow their footsteps. Content Explorer by Ahrefs helps you do this in a seamless manner.

It helps you to explore top-performing content pieces in terms of:

  • Social sharing
  • Keywords used in  content, etc.

This tool is pretty easy to use.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is designed to measure the effectiveness of your content.  It also helps you to uncover deeper and more-actionable insights for better content marketing.

Quick Sprout

You can use Quick Sprout for content marketing purposes along with improving your site’s traffic. You can access to the rich data in order to improve your content marketing efforts.

Content Marketer

This is web-based content marketing software for content marketers. It also helps to improve traffic.


  • Content marketing software
  • Finds and contacts influencers through emails
  • Proven and pre-tested email templates
  • Scheduled emails


This is a robust content promotion tool, which helps you to promote your content on the web’s largest publisher sites, including CNN, TIME, etc.

Features of Outbrain:

  • Content recommendation optimisation
  • Video recommendation display
  • Native campaign support
  • Real-time recommendations

All these SEO tools are effective to track and optimise your content marketing campaign. So, use the above mentioned SEO tools to accelerate your content marketing efforts.

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