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Proven SEO Techniques to Achieve Higher Traffic on the Web

by admin | in SEO

If your website is unable to attract enough traffic and produce results, has high bounce rates and faces tough competition in its niche, despite you investing in several online marketing measures, it is time you go for SEO. With the help of strong, measurable and proven SEO techniques, it is possible to achieve top rankings and visibility. In fact, businesses can drive high traffic volumes to their websites and attract new customers.

Here are a few proven SEO techniques to achieve higher traffic to your website:

  • Missing Title Tags – You should never ignore the importance oftitle tags. Title tags help your customers understand about a specific page and its content. This will improve your web page’s visibility.

  • Use 301 redirection – If you have changed your website address or domain name, use 301 permanent redirection to help your users browse to your new site. This is the most efficient, safest and search engine friendly technique for webpage redirection.

  • Have proper website structure – Your website should have proper structure, well defined paths and use of breadcrumbs to ease e-navigation. This will help both users and robots to crawl and read your website in an easy way.

  • Use anchor text - Anchor text is the clickable text in a hyperlink. This makes indexing and browsing much easier. You can use descriptive anchor text to gain more prominence.

  • Broken Links – Broken links or a dead links are a link on a web page that no longer work. Such links can damage your website’s rankings and usability. So, fix them as soon as possible to improve your site’s usability.

  • Dead-end pages - A dead-end page has no outgoing links. You should fix such pages to improve the experience of your users.

  • Duplicate content – Search engines and users dislike duplicate content. Try to write fresh content on each and every page of your website. This will improve your brand image and enhance the experience of your customers.

  • Robots.txt – Use this file to give instructions to web robots about your website. This is the best way to block unwanted URLs and improve your site’s performance on the web.

  • Use image descriptions – Image descriptions provide textual information about non-text/image content that appear on your site. You can incorporate your keywords for better rankings and traffic.

  • Avoid Doorway pages – Doorway pages are web pages that are created for spamdexing. This type of manipulation is wrong and deters search engines.

All these elements will enhance your credibility and build trust. So, it is better to follow proven SEO techniques to achieve a good amount of traffic, generate new leads, increase brand exposure, attain positive ROI and much more.

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