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Productive and Inspirational SEO Content Writing Tools

Productive and Inspirational SEO Content Writing Tools

by admin | in SEO

Business owners write high quality content and publish on the top publishing platforms to improve visibility. However, after certain point of time, they reach the saturation point and here begins the role of advanced SEO content writing tools for new ideas.

According to studies companies can’t do without expert content marketing professionals.

Here are a few productive SEO content writing tools:

Google Keyword Planner

People still believe that Google Keyword Planner is only used for researching keywords. However, “Embed and ingrain Google Keyword Planner into content writing processes to obtain the desired results”.

In fact, Google keyword planner helps you to choose less competitive but high volume keywords to write content.

“Google Keyword Planner has become an essential element in an integrated content marketing approach”.


nTopic makes your content relevant and useful by providing recommendations. You must use nTopic API to remove unwanted/irrelevant keywords from your content.

“nTopic is a valuable tool for writers”.


This is a productive tool that helps to perform competitive keyword research. All you have to do is to enter a keyword or domain of preference. Use it to track important variables, such as:


  • Analyse your competitors
  • Find profitable and suitable keywords
  • Outrank your competitors
  • Track your paid and organic rankings
  • Track backlinks

“SpyFu supports content marketing efforts”.


 This is the best tool to rectify your formatting errors (headings, paragraphs, lists etc.) Whether you’re writing ebooks or a blog post, use it to have a clean HTML format. Its automated process makes your document flawless, easy to read and digest. No doubt, it is the most supportive formatting tool for writers.

” Word2Clean helps to add real value to documents”.


 This is the most powerful and versatile competitive intelligence tool for online marketers. It helps you to research your competitors, and their SEO, PPC and social media efforts. In fact, you can also use it to write the relevant content according to topics trending on the web.

“Companies that make use of this fast and convenient tool gain invaluable insights into their competitor’s strategy”.

 This is the most popular, time saving and intuitive content curation platform.

Use it to upload your own curated links and organise content. has both a free version and a paid plan, so, choose a plan according to your objectives.


  • Use it to create better content.
  • Use it to place, and publish your content at one place.
  • Measure ROI from content marketing.
  • Improve your content writing efforts and amplify your reach.

In a nutshell, these productive and inspirational SEO content writing tools can take your business to another level.

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