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Perform Website Audit to Improve Its Performance

Perform Website Audit to Improve its Performance

by admin | in SEO

SEO Audit is one of the most important activities to make a website competitive and technically strong. Though it takes a lot of time and efforts to analyse a website and its technical aspects, it is not a waste of time and resources. It is a straightforward method to make a website error free and versatile. Even SEO professionals never underestimate the power of an Audit; they always carry out a detailed audit of a website to highlight its errors, flaws and other coding issues. They fix them to make a website perform well. An error free and well optimised website attracts the maximum amount of traffic as well as improves its performance on the web.

Real Benefits of Website Audit

  • Improve website performance – A website audit improves the overall performance of your website. An audit gives you a chance to assess your website’s functionality and structure. This helps you to analyse URLs, navigation criteria and content.

  • Enhance SEO efforts –A detailed audit helps you extract dead URLs, server errors, duplicate titles and descriptions. You can also see keyword stuffing and other pitfalls.

  • Improve conversions –A thorough audit enables you to re-evaluate the effectiveness of your site in terms of lead generation and conversion. You can spot previously overlooked aspects and add relevant elements to your website.

SEO audit process-

Content evaluation

An audit helps you to evaluate your website’s content. It helps you to create valuable and useful content for your customers. If the content is outdated, you can make it advanced, logical, factual and aggressive with suitable CTAs. You can review your titles, descriptions, blog content, keywords and web pages. In addition, you can add value proposition to your website by making it more business centric.

Technical evaluation

This helps you to make your website responsive, fast, mobile-friendly and flawless. This also helps to clean technical errors, dead links, broken links and other serious flaws.

Website functionality

If your website has too much Flash or JavaScript, you must reduce this because such type of extensive coding makes a web page too heavy to load. This will help you to increase your website’s speed and performance on the web. You should include a robots.txt file, if it is not there already. A Robots.txt file instructs crawlers to crawl your site in a desirable manner.


Your website should have XML sitemap. This offers you an opportunity to tell the search engines which pages are ready to get crawled and indexed. However, you should also remove dead URLs from your sitemap to make it functional. So, always keep it up to date.

In addition, you should check the website images, inbound and outbound links, Meta tags, keyword density, presence on social media, URL structure and dynamic URLs present on the website. This will help you make your website valuable, fully functional and useful. You also need to use advanced audit tools to refine your website and make it user friendly.

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