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Page Load Speed can make or break your Business

by admin | in SEO

Some business owners believe that launching an e-commerce store is easy. In fact, they do not understand the ins and outs of SEO. There are people who cram their websites with tons of plugins, tools, videos and extensive coding to achieve high rankings. However, they are nowhere.  The reason being their websites are stuffed and taking too long to load.

Online customers do not have much time to waste or to wait for websites to load; they jump to the next website and never come back. As a result, websites lose their credibility and fail to achieve desired rankings.

Therefore, it is important to keep a website simple.


  • Faster page load speed delivers better user experience.
  • 47% of consumers expect a web page to load in 2 seconds or less.
  • Page load speed boosts revenue for retail giants.
  • Various factors contribute to rank a website and page load speed is one of them.

Now, the question arises how to make a website fast? The answer is simple; keep it as simple as possible.

Here are a few techniques to improve the page load speed of a website:

Upgrade server for better performance

If your website is dynamic and contains thousands of pages, upgrade your server immediately. Dedicated servers are the best because they help a website to load faster.


  • Consult your developers and hosting service providers before upgrading your server.
  • Check the speed of your existing server.
  • Monitor logs closely after making server changes.
  • Choose high-end servers to optimise performance and prevent downtime.

Choose simple themes

Some website owners choose complex themes, which load slowly. Choose a simple theme and check its loading speed before implementing it.


  • Choose simple WordPress themes for your site.
  • Select a theme that is responsive, lightweight and updates frequently for better functionality.
  • Go for themes that offer unlimited lifetime support, and useful tools.
  • Use to check your site’s speed.

Tracking codes

For better speed, use a few tracking codes on your website. Of course, tracking codes are important to measure the performance of websites; however, using too many is a bit risky because they prevent sites to load faster.


  • Use important tracking codes only.
  • Try to place tracking codes at the bottom of a page.

Embed fewer videos

Sometimes, marketers embed too many videos on their websites, it makes their website slow. So, you must embed a few videos on your website.


Videos use iframes, which slow down a website.

All these techniques are helpful in optimising the page load speed of a website. So, use them according to your site’s parameters.

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