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Online Reputation Management for Online Companies

Online Reputation Management for Online Companies

by admin | in SEO

It is a well documented fact that online reputation management influences businesses in many ways. These days, most customers research products and services before buying them and if they find anything negative about a brand, product or service, they reconsider.  This shows that online reputation has the power to make or break any business.

In practical terms, online reputation management is all about combating negative reviews, testimonials and other elements that are damaging the overall credibility of a business/brand. The best thing is there are many companies that offer comprehensive online reputation management services. They not only help businesses to regularly monitor online conversation, but also spread positivity (positive sentiments) across the web.

They often provide the following types of services:

Proactive reputation management

It often involves building positive image of a company. It aims to prevent negative feedback, publicity and comments. Digital marketing experts keep an eye on such negative publicity and immediately respond by providing positive comments to counterbalance ongoing communication across the web.

Reputation monitoring

As the name suggests, managers stay alert about the ongoing social media conversation about a company/brand/product or service. They use a wide variety of powerful and effective software to watch and track everything (conversation).

A few reputation monitoring Tools used by experts

  • Google Alerts
  • Hootsuite
  • Complaint Search Box
  • Reputology

Crisis management

It is all about responding to negative reviews/comments about a brand. Reputation management experts not only respond to negative comments, but also build brand awareness, post positive reviews, ask satisfied customers to give feedback, and try to build positive relationship with consumers.

They often take steps to:

  • Create professional profiles on the top business listing and local marketing websites.
  • Create a strong, credible and user friendly website.
  • Write and distribute press releases as well as informational articles across the web.
  • Create Wikipedia pages.
  • Improve communication channel.
  • Focus on corporate social responsibility.
  • Join image and video sharing website.
  • Use social media networking websites.
  • Create multiple micro websites.
  • Showcase company’s accomplishments.
  • Earn trust and security certificates.
  • Make good use of SEO and PPC.
  • Create a blog to inform and educate consumers.

No doubt, online reputation is more than an asset. As a business owner, you need to keep it protected to empower your business.

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