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Online Marketing: Way to Success

by admin | in SEO

Today, there are a number of ways business can use online marketing. Here are a few strategies:

Use basic SEO techniques to generate rankings

Whether you are a small or a large business owner, always follow basic SEO rules and techniques to make your website search engine friendly. Here are a few tips and techniques:

  • Use the new SEO Starter Guide. (
  • Keep an eye on hacking attacks and resolve 404 errors.
  • Make sure to verify your website in Search Console.
  • Use PageSpeed Insights to ensure your website adheres the best practices.
  • Make sure you use open source accelerated mobile pages.
  • Use new “rich results testing tool”. (
  • Improve your website’s search performance with the help of “Search Performance report”.

Make your website competitive to get long-term ROI for your business

In today’s fast changing landscape, it is essential to make a website competitive so that it can face tough challenges. Here are a few ways to make a competitive website:

  • Make use of responsive web design and implement it properly.
  • Include text, images, and videos in the mobile version.
  • Keep an eye on the sitemap status in Search Console.
  • Always take preventative measures to secure your website.
  • Use clean URLs without (# or #!)
  • Make sure metadata is present on both versions. (mobile and desktop)

Go an extra mile to follow the trend

Today, it is essential to follow trends to gain momentum.

Here are a few trends to follow:

  • Use long-tail keywords across the website.
  • Optimise videos. (title, description, file name, etc.)
  • Pay attention to algorithm changes.
  • Obtain information of emerging tools and techniques.
  • Never follow blind trails and unproven optimisation rules.
  • List your business on Google My Business.
  • Enhance your site’s user experience by using quality images.
  • Use Google Analytics (
  • Simplify and submit your sitemap.
  • Use social media to create competitive advantage.

Provide quality content to capture wider audience

Unnatural content isn’t just frustrating, but can ruin your site’s credibility as well. Hence, it is advisable to research and create content and put your own views. Tips:

  • If you are not sure, refer to authoritative sites for research.
  • Research your niche to know about your competitors.
  • Address specific concerns of your users.
  • Study facts, statistics, and original work of authors as well as market trends.
  • Make use of visual storytelling techniques.
  • Create comprehensive, data-driven, and motivational content that can generate traffic and backlinks.
  • Use Instagram, Blogger and Quora to build a loyal audience.
  • Keep experimenting and learning new techniques.
  • Always publish your original work.

So, don’t boil the ocean; just apply the above mentioned strategies to write your own success story?

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