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Make your Website a Profit Generating Machine

Make your Website a Profit Generating Machine

by admin | in SEO

There is no doubt that, people in every industry create websites to drive sales,  achieve authority in the industry, reach more potential customers and generate huge profit. However, crux of the matter is- how to create a winning website.

Here are a few ways:


CTAs play a critical role in persuading visitors. So, use call-to-actions on every page to improve overall conversion rates.


  • Use colourful buttons or images.
  • Use compelling taglines.
  • Create suitable and relevant CTAs so that they look natural.

Trust elements

If customers trust your brand, they will more likely to buy and recommend your brand to others. Hence, you should try to incorporate such elements into your website which can win the trust of consumers.


  • Use high quality product images and descriptions on your website.
  • Provide complete contact information.
  • Provide security certificates/badges.
  • Make your website safe and secure.
  • Build your portfolio.
  • Use social media icons.
  • Improve the overall quality of your website by incorporating case studies and white papers.
  • Use reviews/customer’s stories and testimonials.

Leverage Translation

This has already caught the attention of many marketers; however, there are people who are yet to use it. So, make your website more user friendly by translating it into different languages. This will increase the traffic of your website.

You can use “Website Translator plugin” to expand your global reach.


Content is king , in other words “words matter a lot”. That is why, it is more than important to create powerful content (such as documents, tutorials, presentations, videos, infographics, etc.) to sell your ideas, products or services.


  • Help you customers.
  • Adopt customer-centred approach. (solve customer’s problems with your content)
  • Demonstrate your expertise.
  • Integrate social media buttons on your website.
  • Educate, inspire and entertain your customers.
  • Describe your product’s features and benefits in an elaborated form.


  • Helps to convert people and generates leads.
  • Drives organic search visibility.
  • Build your personal brand.

Use trends and hashtags

Latest trends and hashtags extend your website’s reach on social media.


  • Carefully analyse trending hashtags.
  • Use trending topics to attract users’ .

Address problems of your customers

Keep track of complaints and negative comments on social media sites, and respond accordingly.


  • Educate and improve the understanding of users.
  • Practical experience can negate theories, so provide real life examples.
  • Write e-guides, tutorials, videos and whitepapers to help your customers.

Leverage analytics

Use Google analytics to revive your online marketing strategies and generate ROI because it is important to realise that real-time data can bring dramatic changes in the overall marketing strategy.


  • Helps to study the source of traffic.
  • Helps to analyse low-performing pages.
  • Segments users.
  • Fine tunes your website.

Of course, this process is time taking; but will make your website valuable.

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