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Growth Strategy for Online Businesses

Growth Strategy for Online Businesses

by admin | in SEO

Businesses always rely on popular social media sites, effective online marketing techniques and tools.  They not only invest in paid marketing, but also take opportunity of widely spread tools.

Here are a few techniques and tools used by successful online businesses:

Publish relevant content

 If you want to establish your credibility in the market and improve your sales, you need to develop high quality, industry specific and relevant content for your users. It is one of the best ways to gain traffic, improve conversions as well as increase a website’s visibility.

You need to study your competitors and their content marketing techniques to write better and readable content. If you want to get repeat visitors, offer fresh and business specific content.


Always write to inform and educate your customers.

  • Write quality content to establish yourself as a growing company.
  • Write relevant content to improve interactions with users.
  • Publish content regularly to build your brand image and get useful links from authoritative sites.
  • Aim to write content that can answer specific questions.

Use Medium (A great place to read, write, and interact)

 Medium is an ideal content publishing platform for bloggers, which helps to publish content and make it popular in the community. This platform helps to attract quality traffic.


Use Medium to reach new audiences.

  • For maximum impact, add a profile photo and write a short (160-character maximum) bio for your Medium profile page.
  • Add tags to your content.
  • Add images, videos, and other media to your articles.
  • Navigate the “Stats” to measure results.

Automate Twitter sharing

 Twitter is excellent for sharing content and ideas. Use it to reach out to people directly. However, if you use it for business marketing, powerful tools such as SocialOomph can provide you with a simple automated solution. SocialOomph allows you to automate a wide range of tweets. (SocialOomph is a popular social media management tool.)


Use it to post and schedule content.

  • Follow people and extend your network.
  • Try to track competitors’ fans and followers.
  • Use Tweetcockpit to manage your Twitter accounts.

 Use Autopilot

Autopilot is a flexible, scalable and easy-to-use software tool for multi-channel marketing automation.  Use it to automate your marketing, build customer relationships, reach new audiences, and improve your bottom line.


Use it to acquire, nurture, and grow customers.

  • Use it personalise your customer’s experience.
  • Use it to centralise and organise your contacts.


 SumoMe is an extensive suite of free tools that helps to grow a website’s traffic. The SumoMe tools are easy to install, flexible, robust and work on any site.


Use it to grow your site’s traffic.

  • Use it to grow your email list.
  • Use it to view heat maps and analyse content.
  • Use it to connect with email management software providers.

 Bonus Tips:


  • Schedule your Tweets ahead of time.
  • Don’t underestimate the power of Twitter Video.
  • Always track your engagement rate.
  • Respond quickly to your customers.
  • Improve your social listening skills.

Use the above mentioned tools and techniques to grow your business.

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