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Essential SEO elements that should be included in an SEO strategy

by admin | in SEO

A website needs two key ingredients: perfect SEO strategy and its implementation plans. It means researching competitors and understanding undercurrents of online environment. Online marketers often devise powerful SEO strategies; however, they miss certain essential elements that should not be ignored.

Here are a few essential SEO elements that should be included in an SEO strategy:

  • Focus on RankBrain – RankBrain is an artificial intelligence system, which helps Google to process search results and provide relevant search results. Therefore, you should create useful content that answers unique queries to help users.
  • Optimise your local presence – To grab the attention of local audiences, you need to optimise your Google My Business page. Create a unique description of your business and choose the right categories for optimum benefits.
  • Optimise for voice search – Voice search is growing like never before; therefore, you should optimise your website for it in a simple language.
  • Implement AMP – The main aim of AMP is to ensure a fast rendering of your page. This improves the efficiency of a web page as well as overall mobile experience of users.
  • Optimise for mobile – You should optimise your website for mobile users to enhance their experience and improve your rankings.
  • Optimise your social presence – If you are on the web, you should also be on social media. Use Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn as well as other powerful social sites to establish better communication with customers and improve brand image.
  • Use Yelp – This is one of the most effective platforms that connect people with local businesses. Use it to improve your local visibility. (Tip – Provide complete information of your business for optimum advantages.)
  • Follow SEO practices – Use SEO tactics to promote your website and attract new customers. SEO makes your website usable, visible and reliable.
  • Link building activities – Adopt the most proactive link building activities for your website. Develop industry-related articles, business-specific press releases, blogs, case studies, and videos to achieve quality backlinks.

Include these SEO elements in your internet marketing strategy to grow your business.

Quick facts:

  • By 2019, mobile advertising will represent 72% of US digital ad spending.
  • 61% of CMOs say search engines are an effective marketing channel.
  • 89% of customers begin their buying process with a search engine.

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