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Effective Tools to Improve SEO Campaigns

Effective Tools to Improve SEO Campaigns

by admin | in SEO

SEO has become an invaluable and holistic tool to drive growth. It is effective, flexible, productive and profitable for all sorts of businesses. However,  to identify and use effective tools is tricky.

SEO helps to achieve leads and customers. According to certain online studies, SEO leads has a 14.6% close rate ,while traditional efforts such as print advertising and direct mail, has a close rate of 1.7% only.

With the help of certain tools and techniques, you can help your business to grow seamlessly:

Ahrefs – Keyword research

“Keyword research is the basic building block for any SEO campaign”.

If you want to achieve success, choose the most suitable keywords for your campaign. Ahrefs’s Keyword research tool is wonderful to identify the best keyword.

This tool provides valuable insights (such as Monthly search volume, Top countries where the keyword is searched, Cost per click, Number of search results, Traffic share per domain, and much more.

In addition, this tool provides snapshots of the SERPs for your chosen search terms to improve your overall understanding.

 SEMrush – Competitor analysis

 Competitor’s analysis is vital for marketing.  It gives you a chance to get an in-depth understanding of your competitors. It enables you to choose  right keywords for your SEO as well as PPC campaigns.

Use SEMrush’s Competitor analysis tool to receive real time updates and exact figures of millions of domains.  Use it to study display and video advertising analytics, channel wise expenditure strategy, backlinks, traffic sources and much more.

Brandwatch – Social media monitoring

 Use this tool to get insights into any topic. This tool makes it easier to gather customer feedback and uncover trends.

You must use it to:

  • Identify social media trends
  • Identify potential crisis
  • Take smart social decisions
  • Stay ahead of your competitors
  • Study data
  • Chart and map your data
  • Identify popular topics
  • Determine the rate of engagement
  • Analyse author’s demographics

You should also use it to analyse your brand’s reach and visibility.

Outbrain – Amplify

“Outbrain Amplify drives success for businesses of all sizes”.

 If you want to  achieve the maximum visibility of your content on the web, you must use Outbrain’s Amplify. This tool helps businesses to publish their content on the top platforms. In fact, worldwide business leaders use this platform to increase their reach.

So, use these strategic tools to ensure success.

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