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Dont Ignore these Vital SEO Elements

Don’t Ignore these Vital SEO Elements

by admin | in SEO

Businesses try to achieve high traffic; however, only few achieve it. The reason could be anything from poor website design, wrong  architecture, confusing links, to poor quality content. That is why it is important to follow certain proven SEO rules.

Here are a few elements to consider:

UX Design

Today, focusing on user experience (UX) and incorporating it into a website’s design is more than important. It not only helps visitors to find the information/data they want, but also improves their overall browsing experience.

What are the elements of UX Design?

A lot of elements contribute to good UX design, including:

  • Information architecture
  • Visual design
  • Organised layout
  • Simple navigation
  • Arranged product categories, contact pages, blog organisation, etc.
  • Interactive elements
  • Context

E-commerce optimisation

E-commerce store needs to be optimised.

For that they should focus on:

  • Choosing the best and flexible e-commerce CMS
  • Creating a fully-featured shopping cart, product catalogue, and inventory system
  • Developing responsive design or mobile-friendly elements
  • Creating a user-friendly navigation structure
  • Integrating secure transactions (with SSL), inventory tracking, CRM, etc.
  • Complete website optimisation

Social Media

You cannot miss social media in today’s environment.  Online businesses should devise an effective and robust social media strategy for good return.  For that, it is important to focus on:

  • Increasing  presence on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, company’s blog, Pinterest and more
  • Clever use of Social Media tools, such as:
  1. Hootsuite,
  2. Agora Pulse,
  3. Social Oomph,
  4. EveryPost,
  6. Sprout Social,
  7. SocialBro,
  8. Crowd Booster, etc.
  • Creating impressive social media profiles, pages, as well as applications.
  • Following basic practices of content sharing.
  • Encouraging existing fans to join your network.

Landing Page Optimisation

If you overlook Landing Page Optimisation, you make a big mistake because it is the page that attracts and retains a visitor. So, optimise landing page.


  • Create professional landing page designs
  • Provide clear messages, product and service descriptions
  • Use clear call-to-actions
  • Take care of social media icons
  • Incorporate relevant content
  • Colours, graphics, and content layout should be balanced.

Establishing a Corporate Blog

A corporate blog is the best medium to inform and educate customers. It is an ideal platform to improve online branding efforts and to develop a strong online social network.

For the best results, marketers should:

  • Focus on using an easy-to-use blogging platform
  • Devise information architecture
  • Use effective design
  • Use productive SEO plugins
  • Deliver valuable information to end users.

Unquestionably, with these solid SEO tactics, your website will enjoy increased revenues, high conversion rates, and many other benefits.

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