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Do you need to optimize for mobile?

by admin | in Internet Marketing , Mobile internet , SEO , web development

Yes! The way we use the internet has changed since smart phones became popular. Millions of people use their phones to access the internet every day. In fact, for many, tablets and mobile phones form the primary tool of accessing the internet. And people of all ages are using these devices.

If your website has not been optimised for mobile internet, we strongly advice that you consider it and make plans to have this work done. It will not involve a great deal of expense but the investment you put into it will give you a return in terms of the additional users that will be able to access and use your site.

Websites that are not mobile optimised can be difficult to read and in many cases, the links do not work. If you have a mobile device, try surfing some sites on it now. It won’t take you long to find a website that has not been optimised for the internet!

You may notice that on these pages, the screen size is all wrong and the images do not load properly. Now put yourself in a customer’s position. Would hang around on a site that does not load properly or cannot be read? Or would you simply go elsewhere?

It’s better not to run the risk of losing potential business. And of course, being mobile optimised will open up a whole new way of attracting brand new customers too.

Many companies have also developed apps for their mobile audience. If you are a retailer or sell using e-commerce, then an app may be an excellent addition to your suite of internet communications. Links to the download page for your app can be put on your website, blog and on all social media. Some companies make their apps available for free, while others have created useful utility apps for which they charge a small premium or subscription. The choice is yours.

If you above not explored your mobile web options as yet, it’s best to speak to a professional team who have the experience with this technology and understand the requirements for websites and apps. If you would like to know more about our Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP), web and mobile web development services, or find out more about app development, please get in touch. We will be happy to discuss your project with you.

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