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Critical Insights into Online Marketing Techniques

Critical Insights into Online Marketing Techniques

by admin | in SEO

Online marketing improves a website’s traffic as well as sales. It is a cost-effective, efficient as well as productive method to improve the overall ROI of a website.

Here are a few online marketing techniques:

Create a Google+ Presence

Google+ is one of the best ways to build brand exposure. As a marketer, you must use it to build and join communities as well as develop long-lasting relationships with customers. (Google+  has 500 million users.)

However, don’t forget to use hashtags on Google+, which is a great way to increase online visibility.

Create a LinkedIn Group

LinkedIn not only gives you great online marketing opportunities, but also helps you to stay ahead of the curve. Today, most marketer use it to publish content, connect with other people, as well as build a marketing group. So, use it to boost your online visibility. (LinkedIn has 332 million members.)

Content promotion

Whether you have an e-commerce store or a service based website, you need to promote content. You also need to create engaging product descriptions, articles, as well as blog posts. When it comes to content promotion, you need to take advantage of certain powerful mediums, such as Quora, Reddit, Inbound (marketers) as well as other Industry forums. You can also use Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and many other platforms that have extensive reach.

Graphic design

It is a well-known fact that graphic design improves the overall visibility of a brand. Hence, focus on colours, fonts, logos, etc. In other words, create a simple and intuitive design.

Handle Google Search Console

As a marketer, you need to carefully manage your website through Search Console. It is by far the best way to keep your website healthy and competitive. You also need to keep an eye on the technical issue and errors, submit and update sitemap as well as check crawl issues.


Pay Per Click (PPC)

Pay per Click (PPC) has its own nuances, benefits and challenges. It not only attracts extensive traffic, but also improves a website’s performance as well as revenues.

Email marketing

If you have a website, you should take advantage of email marketing to build brand awareness. In fact, it is the safest, affordable, visually attractive and the most productive means of communication for modern marketers.

So, align the above mentioned online marketing techniques with your existing branding strategies and see the difference.

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