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Can printed marketing material help SEO?

by admin | in Content Creation , Content Marketing , SEO

Yes! In the land of internet marketing, it is easy to forget about the effective print material businesses can and should use to promote themselves. Leaflets, business cards and brochures can help to influence and improve your rankings on search engines. Here’s how.

If you have a business premises and deal directly with customers, or have a retail space where customers visit you in person, you need to have printed material. Leaflets, posters, business cards and brochures are all methods of giving customers information about your business. And they can all have a positive effect on your SEO if you add the right information.

Your print material should have your website address, email address, and if you use social media, you should indicate it too. Even the simple addition of the Facebook and Twitter symbols is enough.

We still see too many companies omitting this information on their print material. This is a lost opportunity. On business cards, it is particularly important. Most people tend to check Facebook pages, LinkedIn profiles, and websites if they are given the details on a card.

Leaflets should always be created in a way that encourages the reader to check the website for more information. Leaflets and brochures should be summaries for your business and are most effective when they leave readers wanting more information, cleverly directing them to your website to find it.

Stay up to date. Print material can go out of date very quickly, and it can be a costly exercise if your leaflets go out of date almost as soon as they are printed. Instead, keep them very general, focused on, and all about the company and the type of business you do. For details on prices and specific products, customers should always be directed to the website.

Use technology. Mobile web is big business. You can add scan boxes to your print material or business cards encouraging people to scan your details straight into their phones. Although this technology has been around for a while now, people are not using it as much as we would expect. It is a fantastic way of making it easy for customers to engage directly with you online.

Finally, make sure your print material matches all your online content and your website. This is about building brand recognition and presenting customers with a whole suite of matching communications which looks eye-catching, recognisable and professional.



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