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Building a customer database for SEO

by admin | in Internet Marketing , SEO

You may be wondering why you would need a customer database for SEO. Traditionally, customer databases are only kept as a way of being able to connect directly with customers, keep records of their past purchases, and contact them with news and updates. However, a good customer database can also help you with your SEO activity. Here’s how.

When you build a customer database, you keep a record of the customers spending habits. This is important information to use for internet marketing because it will give you a real clue about what products are most popular. This in turn will give you a solid lead on the best choice of keywords and keywords phrases to use. For companies that sell a variety of products this can be especially important. For example, a clothes retailer may sell clothes for men, women and children but their best sellers may be shoes, ladies dress and men’s suits. These are the keywords that would be more effective, rather than ‘clothes retailer’

A customer database will also have some information about geographic location, social media engagement and how the customer found you. This information is vital to use as a guide to where you should target PPC and online adverts, and it will also help with any SEO and marketing you do specifically for mobile web to attract local customer.

Customer emails are needed so you can send regular emails sharing news and updates of new products or special offers. This is important because every time you send an email, if you add links to it going back to your website, you will be building traffic to your page. And it’s not any traffic, it is traffic from a custom – a qualified lead, and it is a return visit and this all makes a huge difference to SEO and to rankings.

Finally, your customer database can also be used for statistical information when you are calculating ROI for your marketing and SEO activity. Knowing how many customers you have, where they are, and what their activity is, will help you clearly see any gains made as a result of campaigns, and it will also reveal any target areas that you should be focussing on.

If you don’t have a comprehensive customer database yet, start one now. The more information you are able to record, the more useful it will be for every part of your marketing and SEO activity.

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