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Build and Maintain your Web Presence through Online Marketing

Build and Maintain your Web Presence through Online Marketing

by admin | in SEO

Building and maintaining web presence is not an easy task. It takes time, effort and resources to learn new online marketing techniques as well as test and implement them to get the expected yields.

Here are a few cost-effective ways to improve web presence:

Invest in search engine optimisation 

For any website, SEO is a great starting point because it has become one of the finest and the most affordable ways to grow a business and its revenues.

Tips -

  • Identify relevant keywords and phrases.
  • Optimise your website for specific keywords.
  • Study and analyse online stores’ funnel.
  • Find gaps in the sales and shopping cart system.
  • Optimise robots.txt as well as crawl rate.
  • Optimise mobile website.
  • Maximise website capability by performing website architecture’s audit.
  • Create sitemaps.

Optimise navigation

Most people leave a website because of its poor navigation. That is why, it is essential to create a simple and logical navigation for your users.

Tips -

  • Create easy-to-use and understandable navigation structure.
  • Use breadcrumb navigation.
  • Always use clear and concise labels.
  • Choose a mega navigation setup, if necessary.
  • Use categories and sub-categories.

Improve web design

Some business owners believe that web design cannot improve their site’s visibility; however, the reality is, it is one of the most crucial factor in improving the visibility of a website.

Tips -

  • Improve the overall accessibility of a website so that users can explore and read information easily.
  • Always choose professional templates for your website.
  • Never use outdated themes.
  • Stick to a single font throughout the website.
  • 64% of visitors want to see contact information on a company’s website; hence, provide complete contact details -  webpagefx.
  • Use as much graphics as possible because most of the people are visual learners.

Utilise the power of Local SEO

Local SEO is not a watchword, it is a necessity. To get success, wisely use local SEO for your website.

Tips -

  • Always use high volume, long-tail, location based and LSI keywords.
  • Achieve backlinks from local directories.
  • Rely on local citation.
  • Create and publish location based content.
  • 86% of people look up business locations on Google maps, so keep your listing updated.

Rely on PPC

It is difficult to defy the significance and effectiveness of PPC. It has its own way to promote, advertise and market your business. It gives you an opportunity to target market in a professional manner. (80% of businesses focus on Adwords for PPC – webpagefx)

Tips -

  • Start with keywords research and create suitable ads.
  • Wisely optimise PPC landing pages.
  • Track and measure results.

Want to see yourself as a winner? Use the above mentioned online marketing techniques…

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